back to article HP and Tandberg trumpet lifesize video conferencing

Video conferencing suppliers HP and Tandberg have got together to provide a one-stop video-conferencing shop. They call it Telepresence. This odd term refers to the large screen for a video-transmitting IP network, and all the cameras, microphones, video servers and gateways needed for the task - that of presenting high- …


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  1. Seán

    Brilliant illustration

    What's the point in having a bunch of identical drones in the ad. Those people might as well smear some vaseline on a mirror and prop it in front of themselves while making a phone call. Also its creepy when someone goes to all the trouble of wearing a suit and then doesn't put on a tie.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Ok, what gives. Have you lost your glasses behind the monitor or are you doing mind bending drugs.

    1. All indentical? Oh I get it, your black and think white honkies all look the same.

    2. Suits without ties? All the guys in the picture I'm looking at have ties on. The rest of them... they're WOMEN. Perhaps you should get out more.

    3. suits without ties=creepy? Definitely stick to the Disney channel and NEVER watch a John Carpenter film, or come to that the Wizard of OZ.

  3. ChrB

    Brilliant illustration II

    None of these drones has a pen or a paper to actually do some *work*. I'll stick with phone conferences, thanks. I can walk around, have a fag and even enjoy a booze. Try that with HALO.

  4. Astarte

    Telepresence, we know.

    It worked well enough in Seasons 4, 5 and 6 of '24' in the 'Telepresence' suit in the Whitehouse bunker - courtesy of Cisco. Maybe '24' was Cisco's sandbox.

  5. b

    does this mean i can fart in meetings now?

    no smell, eheh!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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