back to article Asus admits Eee Box mini PC shipped with virus

Asus has admitted that some of the its Eee Box desktop mini PCs have shipped with a virus. But while the company has only admitted the infection was present in machines shipped to Japan, Register Hardware can confirm that other territories may be affected too. According to an email sent out by Asus, PC Advisor reports, the …


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  1. Mart


    How did a virus get on there in the first place, What did the factory works decided to surf some good ol pron before ripping an image for mass copy, I could maybe beleive this to happen to a small IT supplier but Asus? come on?!?!?!

  2. Paul Ashbrook

    A lesson

    Haa haa haa!!!

    Surely they're not using a pirated disk image?? Maybe it was cheap on ebay??

    Side-splittingly funny, this. Poor Asus, they come up with a niche product running a reasonable Linux OS, then the market says "Hey! We want Windows on our Eee!".

    Sometimes you just gotta stick to your original business plan.

  3. Adam T

    McCain camp infected?

    Shocking, but there could be a silver lining.

    Referring to

    What are the odds of the McCain lot being infected? :)

  4. Glenn Charles

    McCain (camp infected)--@Adam T

    I'm pretty sure his brain is. It's that virus that lowers IQ so that you can only be a mumbling imbecile with a horror-flick smile.

    Mind you, I'm one of his fans.



This topic is closed for new posts.

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