back to article Barclaycard follows Barclays offline

After Barclays customers suffered serious login problems earlier this week, Barclaycard customers are now struggling to use their online service. Problems at the credit card provider began last week with its online system crippled in a two-day total outage, and the login for cardholders is still having difficulties. Many …


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  1. David

    Not news

    Morgan Stanley cardholders were told their old card would be cancelled and the Barclaycard be active from 22nd September. Registration proved to be a nightmare in advance of that date as the system kept failing. Even phoning up to get help only got the registration complete, not in a state where you could actually use it yet.

    Since the MS customers got moved over, the Barclaycard online services have been down more than they've been up, and having spoken to some in their website team they basically admitted that the problem was affecting most MS customers, that most couldn't even manage to register, and that they were hoping to resolve the problems soon.

    Days later, one time I tried to log in it was working OK, but then went down again...

  2. Rob Clive


    So I must be part of the problem: I had a Morgan Stanley card which was sold to Goldfish who've now sold it to Barclaycard. Now I've got a nice shiny new card proudly proclaiming me a Founder Member (of what I don't know). It's also got a PayPass logo; something unmentioned in all the puffery I received. So I can look forward to having my card debited whilst it's still in my wallet. Don't you just love progress....

  3. Anonymous Coward


    Dear Morgan Stanley customer,

    You must use your new Barclaycard from Monday 22nd Sept. and must not use your old MS card from that date.



    P.S. Our systems won't be able to register you for at least two days 'cos we ain't worked out how to do that yet.

    P.P.S By trying to register your card, you've now locked out your account.

    P.P.P.S We know you can't pay your bill on-line but we're still charging you interest. (Probably).

  4. Andrew Martin


    I joined Morgan Stanley to get away from Barclaycard, because BC's customer service was pants and their website always gave the impression of having been assembled by an enthusiastic 15-year-old. Now I find myself back with BC, and their customer service is still crap, and their web site, well, is ... sometimes not there at all.

    Oh well. Time to look for another credit card provider, I think.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    The move from Morgan Stanley has been a complete shambles, online and off.

    When I phoned up to get the new card activated I asked about online access and was to go set up an account which I did. After setting it up I failed to log on three times and got it locked requiring me to telephone them to reactivate it and get a temporary password. When I call I'm told I couldn't log on because the card was not yet active and he can't access it either and I need to call back in a week.

    A week later I call and get the account reactivated and a temp password and immediately logon enough to set a new password then fail and fail when I tried again. Wiser second time round I called them instead of trying a 3rd time and am told the site isn't working and I need to wait 3 days for them to fix it (why didn't they tell me that 30 minutes previously when they reactivated it and gave me the temp password?).

    Today I get asked details about a direct debit agreement as security questions, a direct debit agreement which 20 minutes earlier someone else told me had been canceled and I needed to set up a new one.

    I got two emails saying they have received payment but I have to go online myself to find three days later the direct debit was 'returned' and my payment is overdue. I call my bank to find the DD exists and would work and they have not returned anything because Barclaycard never made any request.

    The outstanding cashback from MS seems to have gone into a black hole, however, I am assured it will return with the first Barclaycard statement - after this fiasco I don't really want the card long enough to get another statement.

  6. Steven
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    This is precisely why when I received the letter informing me Morgan Stanley/Goldfish had been acquired by Barclaycard I rang them up and promptly cancelled my card with them.

    Was perfectly happy with the service I'd received from MS up until then but having dealt with Barclays before I'd vowed that I'd never deal with any part of that organisation!

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Am I the only one

    who's had no problems?

    OK the site was slow when I tried it but it worked and the cashback from MS is on the first statement.

    My main gripe will sound a bit snobbish - but here goes. I signed up with Morgan Stanley in order to get a slightly unusual brand of credit card, a bit distinctive like.

    Now I've got an effin' Barclaycard - same as the world and his bleedin' brother!

  8. Anonymous Coward
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    Barclaycard logon fault now fixed (for me at least)

    Able to logon (at 1050hrs GMT/UTC 6th October) to Barclaycard site for the first time since 23rd September. Unlike @AC (Am I the only one) response times were very fast, almost instantaneous.

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