back to article Lotus flowers with Apple app

IBM has released a web application providing easy access to Lotus Notes, and claims it's working with Apple on a native application to properly integrate the service. The application, termed "iNotes Ultralite", is a free download from IBM, though you'll need Domino Web Access 8.0.2 and, like every web app, you'll need to …


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  1. James Anderson

    Apple will never allow this!

    Something as ugly as Lotus on thier beutiful machines!

    They must have some sort of ugly-filter that will stop Notes running.

  2. andymurd

    Can't imagine many takers

    Mac fanboys are justifiably proud of the usability and interface design of Apple software, whereas Lotus Notes is the least intuitive piece of software ever to have been written.

    It has SIX menu items for editing preferences spread scross two menus, FFS!

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Perfect combination

    Two pieces of crap running together. After all, like attracts like!

  4. Bill Buchan
    Thumb Up

    Ooooh. The flames start.

    Chaps - I can understand if you hated notes 10 or so years ago. Not anymore. Check out the screenshots of iNotes on my blog here:

    ( But hey - dont bother actually checking to see if anything has changed - such as Notes winning a design award and now is eclipse-based, runs on linux and mac as well as windoze - in the last five years before spouting off.. ;-) )

    iNotes is just a web app, and its actually quite usable, even over GPRS. So yeah, Kudos to IBM for actually delivering what they promised. And yes, its available on the current 802 domino release. Today.

    ---* Bill

  5. Paul Mooney

    Guys, dont be so sure

    I reviewed iNotes UL on my iPhone (yes I am a macboy fan). I wanted to dislike it, but it works really well, and the interface is excellent in the safari browser.

    There are some screenshots, but there are many more.

  6. Anonymous Coward


    This just in: Lotus Notes has been updated since the last time you looked at it, in what, 1995?


  7. Trix Bronze badge
    IT Angle

    @Pete McPhedran

    Word. It's been updated somewhat recently, and I think we're up to 1998 in terms of UI. OMG, progress!

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    @ the Lotus Notes fans

    We have LotusNotes 6.0.3 at work, and it is an utter pile of shit. It is so flakey and universally hated in the company that we are in the process of migrating to Outlook 2007.

    Helicopter, for the propeller headed codemonkeys that designed the LotusNotes UI.

  9. Ben
    Thumb Down

    @The Anonymous Coward

    Notes 6.x is six years old. We've had two major version releases since then.

    Get with the programme old bean.

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