back to article Frenchman's pedalo dirigible Channel attempt blown out

An attempt to cross the English Channel in a pedal-powered dirigible has failed. French blimp-bike aficionado Stephane Rousson was defeated by headwinds blowing at several miles per hour. "We were about three-quarters of the way across but the wind was flowing in the wrong direction for me to make it across," the disappointed …


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  1. Joe

    One word....


  2. Parax


    And the concern was that the weight was in issue? personnally I would have thought the pressure ceiling of 30 meters would have been more of a reason not to use a parachute...

  3. Adam Foxton

    If only it had been a hydrogen balloon

    That could have been the coolest aerial collission EVER. Jetpack versus Airship in a bloody great fireball!

  4. Gobhicks

    Quel Dommage

    What a risible dirigible.

  5. Mike Richards Silver badge

    He needs...

    ...DARPA money!

    It's insane, It's dangerous, It's pointless, It's going to end horribly, and most of all - it doesn't work.

    So why oh why oh why haven't the Free World's favourite big brain brigade been in touch to design a pedal-powered blimp so that America's special forces and thought-controlled pet cyborg moths can fight terror?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Another fail ....

    .... for a twatdangle.

    Yould have thought the whiff of cheese from 16 km would be enough to make him surrender a little later at least.

    On another note, in case there are any more intellectual heavyweights entering the "cross the channel like a dick" competition, its shorter if you start from Folkstone or Dover than from hythe.

    He might even have got some cheese if he had only looked at a map.

  7. Solomon Grundy

    Misread Title

    I thought someone was attempting to bring underage children into a French child sex ring by smuggling them across the Channel in a blimp.

  8. yeah, right.


    I wonder what his girlfriend thinks of having a blimp named after her? Did he tell her that it reminds him of her perhaps? Is she still his girlfriend after he's been shown to not be able to handle a gentle blow job?

    The one with "Hindenburg Forever" on the back please. Ta.

  9. Simon


    So the pedal power was so weak on this blimp unless it was completely calm (Never happens in the channel) he would have been fighting the wind and losing or going with the wind and cheating.

    I'm guessing the only reason he did it was because he didn't think it through.

    That Swiss guy with his jet wings must be laughing his ass off.


  10. Jim

    Re: Blimp?

    The article states that Louise is no longer his squeeze but was the blimp naming the cause of the separation or vice versa? Inquiring minds need to know.

  11. Chris G Silver badge

    Sacre bleu

    I 'ave a problem wiz ze wind.I fart in ze opposite direction.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    pictures please

    Or at least the teletubby version if not the playmobil version. thank you!

  13. Codge

    Why bother?

    It's not as if he will be the first.

    The first, and I'm sure only, man powered flight over the channel was on 12th June 1979 by a 'Merkin called Bryan Allen. The plane was called Gossamer Albatross, and looked like it was made of cling film and drinking straws. (Mostly because it was)! Pedal powered, and generated it's own lift in forward motion, unlike this "risible dirigible"! (Thanks for that one)

    I know this because I watched him take off from the western apron at "The Warren". (And it was my Mum's birthday that day).

    And it's Folkestone, not Folkstone.

    Stop. Because he should. TTFN

  14. V.Srikrishnan

    @Chris G

    terrific!!! i have noticed that frenchmen get hit worst on the Register....

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