back to article Pillar, EMC, and HP bow to the Oracle

Pillar has added new Oracle software pick-and-click tuning tools to its Axiom storage array management software to simplify an Oracle DBA's day. EMC and HP have also added Oracle-specific versions of their products. This adding of app-specific configurations or tuning templates is starting to become a trend amongst storage …


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  1. Henry Cobb

    The problem with app specific hardware

    The problem is when the app vendor tires of dealing with your very expensive toy then the gear becomes practically useless and you must rebuy your entire storage system to match the next database version because the old version is no longer supported.

    Hopefully you'll be in your next job by then.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Pillar is not a surprise

    I guess you guys don't go and search your own archives El Reg! Pillar is owned by none other than Ellison, so one would have to bet that it bloody well better work with Oracle.

    App specific HW is dead, dud, done in the mid-90's and each failed attempt by Oracle for HW specifics (or Network Computing, another Ellison dream) have failed in the market. Doing HW specific storage completely nullifies how storage HW is bought -- from whichever company our CIO is in love with this time.

    The real fly in the ointment will be migrating from one vendor to the other were one to foolishly do this.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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