back to article MS trains eye on supercomputing with HPC Server 2008

Microsoft wheeled out the big guns today with its high performance computing (HPC) Server 2008 product finally hitting manufacturers. Windows HPC Server has rocked up a little later than Redmond had planned. It should have landed in the laps of IBM, Dell, Hewlett-Packard and co. at some point this summer. No matter says …


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  1. joe
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    "We believe that Windows HPC Server 2008 and IBM System x hardware will significantly expand the high-performance computing market,"

    only to be shrunk back down by another hole in IE HPC version. How can we take them seriously when each node needs to run antivirus software and be rebooted once a month because of patch Tuesday?

  2. Chris


    At $475 *per node* MS has a lot of persuading to do. We're currently running CentOS/Sun Grid Engine on 30+ nodes, which works out $15k cheaper!

    It may sell on all-in-one solutions like the Cray, but with bespoke clusters they're going to struggle. I doubt Windows HPC has the scalability and flexibility of Linux-based systems.

  3. Geoff Mackenzie


    Microsoft's 'proven' software. Almost as funny as the idea of a supercomputer running Windows; kind of like a 500bhp go kart.

  4. Henry Cobb

    Yet another new language

    Microsoft also is touting integration with Visual Studio Team Services, and F#, a development language, designed to help write new applications and rewrite old ones for parallel computing environments.

    Yet Another Microsoft Language?

    If you don't want a bumpy ride, stop reinventing the wheel.


This topic is closed for new posts.

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