back to article 4GB fourth-gen iPod Nano confirmed

Apple has confirmed the existence of a 4GB fourth-generation iPod Nano, following the appearance of mysterious pictures online. nano4g_4gb_Dixons Apple's confirmed that a 4GB 4G Nano exists Initially a set of unofficial pictures clearly showed a 4GB logo on the back of the red oval-shaped iPod Nano player. The images then …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns


    EUR120 for 4GB is also a huge rip-off, even by Apple's standard.

  2. pc
    Jobs Horns

    I nearly bought one last week..

    I ordered a 16GB model via the Apple Store, and when I checked my order status it had been replaced by a 4GB model instead.

    Subsequently sorted without any action on my part, but the cancelled model is still listed on my Order Status page.

    Product / part number (for those who care) is PB651ZO/A and the price was €140.

  3. tardigrade

    bizzare but interesting

    That's only £15 less than the 8Gb model so what's the point? I don't want one as I have bought a touch, but if a 4Gb nano was available for say £75 then at that price I would buy my girlfriend one. As it stands though I ain't spending £109 on her, she can whistle.

  4. Bill Coleman

    Newsworthy, because Apple rep actually spoke to a Reg hack. I think that's the real story here!

  5. Chris

    It may be €140..

    But you can bet that it will be £170 - you know, to line up with the American pricing.

  6. Zmodem

    all nano`s are rip offs

    for 120eur you can have a whole SE walkman 3g phone with a 8gb card

  7. Paul Naylor


    I bought my girlfriend a 3rd gen Nano last Christmas. Now she's hankering for a 4th gen Nano, which I've pretty much resigned myself to getting for her. At least I'll get some of the "good lovin'"!

    I'm a 5th gen video iPod man myself...

  8. Jon H

    expensive memory?!

    How come the bigger iPods cost so much more?

    You can buy a 4GB DSHC car for £9, 8 GB for £14 and 16GB for £25 so why do you have to pay so much more for iPods? Why aren't they all 16GB at a minimum when memory is so cheap?

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