back to article Safari Gears up for Mac fanboys

After months of development Gears is finally available for Apple’s Safari web browser. This is Google’s latest attempt to dig its nails into Microsoft’s proprietary software kingdom by opening its arms to the Mac brigade, who are perhaps more reluctant than most to run MS apps. Originally dubbed Google Gears, the online/ …


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  1. Seanie Ryan
    Dead Vulture

    constant fools

    The same circle since the VAX (and before?)

    1. Central Mainframe to run all your apps from (now the Cloud (and i hate that term!))

    2. People prefer local computing power, and control over docs and ability to work offline.

    3. Build apps to run locally.

    4. Start trying to convince people its better to run apps from hosted server.

    5. GOTO 1

    so, lets look at this case, people have office apps locally, check. Google builds online alternative, check. Google then develop offline version to suit most users needs/wishes, check.

    Now, whos turn is it next to start all over again.

    Hey, i have a great idea, TV Set-top Internet boxes... i am sure that could work..

  2. DZ-Jay

    What the heck does it do?

    From the Gears FAQ:

    "For example, webmasters can use Gears on their websites to let users access information offline or provide you with content based on your geographical location."

    How does it let users "access information offline"? This is just what the world needs: some new magical link that allows your browser to phone home to Google when disconnected from the network.


  3. Ben Bufton


    I seem to remember buying a Mac so I didn't have to use much 3rd party software... :s

    Still, thank you Google. :)

  4. zato


    "Safari Gears up for Mac fanboys"


  5. Anomalous Cowherd Silver badge


    It comes with a copy of the entire internet. Compressed, it's only a few MB.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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