back to article Microsoft eyes mobile app store

Microsoft is looking like it may launch an application repository in response to the success of Apple's iTunes application store and Google's announcement that Android will be similarly endowed. Or is it? Recent job adverts, grabbed by i started something, are for a Product Manager and Senior Product Manager and describe …


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  1. Paul Bristow
    Black Helicopters

    Skymarket or SkyNet?

    I'm sure this should read "SkyNet" instead of Skymarket and hence the only inaccuracy in Terminator was caused by Windows not being selected for the US Military's AI experiments in the late 90s.

    I'll get my tin-foil coated coat...

  2. Spearbox


    Why do Microsoft constantly want to compete against things that have been done, a little waaaaaay too late?

    Why not be innovative? Why not be the ones that lead? They've lost their way and are trying too much at once.

    They're having enough problems with what they have, nevermind taking on anything more.

    Guess Apple get my 2c's for fulfilling the criteria of innovation, creativity (excluding the porsche like UI design), and being able to be market leaders.

  3. Tom Silver badge
    Gates Horns

    It'll be like the iPhone vs Samsung Omnia

    The iphone really gets its purpose, its a mobile device you can jab at with your finger and watch movies, listen to music, take crappy pictures and make calls. You can do all that with the Omnia (except you can take much higher res crappy pictures), except it feels like you're using windows by pushing a mouse with your nose.

    Starting an application is a good example - iphone: push the big button with the right icon, move around between pages of apps by swiping at the screen like a deranged ape - omnia: click the start menu, select all programs, double tap the right icon, move around between the different apps by carefully dragging the scroll bar of the app window..

    It does the same thing, in much the same manner, with much the same effect, but it doesn't get why it is doing it that way and therefore doesnt get it right. Their app store will be just the same, it will do everything just to spec, but it just wont be as trivial to use as the appstore, and probably wont generate as much revenue.

  4. Surur

    Skybox, Skyline and Skymarket

    Read about the rest of the project here.

  5. James Townsend

    @ Tom

    Instead of talking shit try actually GETTING a Samsung Omnia - to get into apps you DONT need to go to Start, Programs etc - there is a main menu system that is just like the iPhone - you use your finger to swipe and move around just like the iPhone. Also the Omnia H1 software makes ALL Windows apps touch sensitive like the iPhone so no need for a stylus/scroll bars - how do I know? Cos I have bought one!

    Oh and by the way - the "crappy pictures" on the Omnia are as good as a digital camera and you get just as much choice for changing settings - if you have a Samsung digital camera then the menu system is almost identical.

    The MS appstore wont generate as much revenue for one simple reason - you own the phone and you can do what you want with the phone with a WinMo phone - basically you arent tol dwhat an dhow to think.

  6. Ascylto
    Gates Halo


    Yet another innovation from Microsoft!

    I'm not sure I can take much more of these moves into the future by the Gates/Ballmer monopolylith.

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