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One of the most frequently used Cocoa classes is NSImage which, as the name suggests, is all about displaying and manipulating image data. The imageNamed: method of this class retrieves an image reference for you - provided that you know the name of the image you're after. Many of the images that can be retrieved via the …


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  1. Charlie

    Windows Images

    Those Windows images are back from the days, when NeXT was porting Cocoa (YellowBox) to Windows - if you dig through the Internet really well, you can find some betas of it, though I never got it to work that well...

  2. Lisa Parratt

    Ease of porting?!

    I would imagine those old icons are there not to ease porting between NeXTSTEP and Cocoa, but because Cocoa *is* NeXTSTEP. The Windows controls are probably in there from their brief foray into being a cross platform toolkit.

  3. Jeremy Chappell
    Jobs Halo

    You're sure about those Win'95 icons?

    Are you sure about those Windows 95 icons? I seem to remember thinking how Microsoft's Windows 95 looked a lot like NeXTSTEP when it shipped (NeXTSTEP dates from a time before Windows 95) and a lot of the Win'95 look was "lifted" from NeXTSTEP. I think you might be seeing yet more icons from NeXTSTEP, the control buttons from windows (with a small 'w') looked mighty similar, as did the buttons on scrollbars.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Jobs' pitch to Microsoft

    The Windows bitmaps are presumably left over from when Jobs' tried to pitch Nextstep to Microsoft in the 1990s as a better foundation for future versions of Windows. Isn't there a Windows API lurking in OS X somewhere?

  5. amanfromMars Silver badge

    And Yes ....That is NeXT See .... Dynamic Organic Processing for EMPathy.

    "In addition to a wide variety of NeXT icons, you'll also find a full complement of - horror of horrors! - Windows bitmaps. It's enough to make any self-respecting Mac developer cringe but - yes - they're there!"

    And @AppleService 42 Boot .... with Future Memories ReVisited Live in AIdDirectIONS......... Magical Mystery Turing Trips and Jobs for the Boys are Back in Tune and Turned On.

    I Kid U Not.

    Root Source HyperRadioProActivity via Tempestuous Mars and Sublime Venus Channels.

    ...... and for Seventh Heavens too, the WAI.

    You have Controls, Tim BL, for CyberFlight. Care to Dare XXXXercise them in 42 Win Win Territory. Do Wwwe Require AIManual?

  6. Noth
    Jobs Horns

    Windows Icons?

    The Windows iconset probably dates back to the NT port of OPENSTEP back when NeXT had gone all software and were porting their dev environment to various platforms (Solaris amongst them).

  7. Robert Forsyth

    Could the Windows bitmaps be from OPENSTEP on NT

    Briefly, NEXTSTEP as OPENSTEP was on Windows NT, was it not?

  8. John

    No wonder we 200 GB disks

    It's amazing this crap doesn't get taken out. It's interesting and all but seriously with a company the size of Apple why haven't they spent a little bit of time to remove what they don't require.

    I don't know what most people's view of Snow Leopard is but I for one I'm happy and surprised that Apple have spent the time to do this.

    Microsoft could learn from this.

  9. Eric Straavaldsen

    Windows Icon and Yellowbox

    Back in the early development of MacOS X (Rhapsody at the time) there was a project called yellow box that would allow Rhapsody apps to be compiled and work on Windows (I ran it on Win2k).

  10. Dave Jewell

    RE: No wonder we 200 GB disks

    Hi John. I agree that it's a bit surprising all that stuff is still in there. But a lot of the really old icons are pretty poor quality by today's standards, and hence small. Taking 'em out wouldn't buy all that much disk space. A drop in the ocean compared to -- for example -- all the built in foreign language support.


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