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When details of the Creative Zen X-Fi PMP began to leak out, many thought it would replace the Zen Vision W. As soon as you get the X-Fi out of the box you realise this is not the case. The Vision W had a 4.3in screen, but the X-Fi makes do with a mere 2.5in panel. So what we have here is an MP3 player with ideas above its …


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  1. Thomas Silver badge

    The N95 crowd won't like this...

    An IT publication that's willing to call manufacturers on "a fair amount of frankly rather pointless subsidiary functionality"? I applaud you.

  2. Alex Walsh

    Updates for the sake of updates.

    It's not just Creative that are going this way, Archos now seem to be buying into the pointless functionality mindset too.

    What it does mean is there are some great deals to be had on the "old" models which do exactly what you want them to do at a great price. You can get the 32gig Zen for well under £150 and an Archos 605 for under £100.

    The bonus with an older model, aside from the price, is a nice stable and mature firmware too. It's a win/win.

  3. Anonymous Coward
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    feature bloat worthy of Microsoft

    I've bought Creative in the past, but I wont be touching this one. Dont they do any surveys to see what their customers actually want, as opposed to the wet dreams of their marketing munchkins? Its a music/video player, thats ALL I want it to do...

  4. D@v3
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    nice but........

    you'd be better off with an archos, and yes i realise you have to buy the plugins separately for wifi and full video support, but its worth it

  5. The Avangelist

    you have just shown me

    the creative zen that is in my pocket right now. Except they couldn't afford to paint the whole think one colour and made the buttons worse.

    What a pile of cack.

    Come on Creative I am losing hope faster than the Republican party.

    What they should be doing is working on integrating the XML parser with's scrobbler that is a better use of their time.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Less is more

    Why is it only Apple that understand this?

  7. Richard

    Wait a couple of weeks ...

    and see if the rumoured new iPod Touch comes out with lower pricing !

    The touch is really very nice and a joy to use. I picked an almost new 16Gig one up on eBay for £155 and combine it with a samsung blackjack smartphone for wifi->3g tethering. (hint: posted this from it 8-)

  8. Alex Walsh

    Re: Less is more

    Presumably the "more" part of "more is less" refers to the price of Apple products?

  9. Beachhutman


    No more Zens for me - I can't lug my laptop to every place I need to recharge mine, especially on holiday with all those language podcasts on it. USB charging from PC only is frankly a gross stupidity

  10. Anonymous Coward
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    I have a Creative Labs Zen Vision:M 30GB, which for the time was a fantastic player and still is, in fact.

    I was waiting with bated breath for the replacement from Creative, hoping for something along the lines of a Zen Vision W 60GB with touch screen and WiFi, but it seems that this is not to be.

    The Zen XiFi is a huge step back with a small screen, no more capacity (unless you add badly integrated SD cards) and tons of bloat...

    I am now looking at the Archos range, as I do not want to go down the Apple route and get tied into iTunes.

  11. Bronek Kozicki Silver badge

    I guess I will stay

    .. with my old and trusted iRiver Clix2. Still, new Audible compatible device will do good to the market

  12. Eugene Goodrich

    Keypad pain

    It seems folk are continually experimenting with even worse ways of entering text. Bravo!

  13. Ant Gamble

    Linkin Park

    It's not a firmware bug, it's the album. My guess is the X-fi prefers Hatebreed or Machine Head!

  14. Ceiling Cat

    Creative MuVo

    The MuVo was my first MP3 player - it sounds like they have NOT come very far since then. True, the MuVo lacks the nice big screen, but it also doesn't pretend to be ANYthing it's not.

    And at least the MuVo can be powered off cheap Ni-MH or Ni-Cad batteries.

  15. moonoi
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    Just bought one......

    for my missus, as she needed a device with recording ability for her pesky masters degree lectures.

    I've got an iPod touch and have to say that although the touch is a far more pleasant experience to use, the sound quality from the X-Fi is superior in everyway. I used Shure E310 headphones, not the standard kit ones with either the creative offering or the touch and it really is that much better.

    Shame the touch doesn't have a mic, otherwise I'd give her that and keep the x-fi for myself :)

    And for those of you complaining about USB only charging.....iPods are the same, unless you had an old generation iPod that came with a seperate plug in charger, your also stuck with USB only charging or have to buy a seperate whats the differance (except that a mini usb charger is cheaper to buy than an apple one)

  16. moonoi

    forgot to mention....

    That it was also much better value than in UK/US, cost me 170 quid ($399 SGD) with a free silicon case, for the 32GB model :)

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