back to article Oz cops call up phone records after car smashes

Australian cops have confirmed they examine the mobile phone call activity of drivers involved in killer car crashes. New South Wales traffic police this week told Australia's Daily Telegraph newspaper that they have nabbed 1300 more motorists for using a handset while driving during the first six months of 2008 than they did …


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  1. Tim Bates
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    Bloody statistics...

    I wonder how they explain the number of crashes from before mobile phones.... People talking on their hairbrush?

  2. Steve Mansfield
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    Excellent news

    The sooner this comes in force in the Uk the better. You always get breathalysed, the check for mobile usage should be mandatory as well. The current penalties for mobe-driving are still way too low and patchily enforced, and this is a rare case where it really is true that if you've nothing to hide you've got nothing to fear ...

  3. Monkey

    I say..

    Let people do what the hell they want behind the wheel but make the lowest sentence that will be given to you should you cause an avoidable accident as a result, so stiff that it truly deters people. Two years minimum in jail if you crash and there is clear evidence you were driving without due care and attention. With a clearly set out further set of penalties depending on the severity.

    By doing that it puts people off and puts the obligation on the police to actually enforce and prosecute.

    Not like the current mobile phone laws that everyone ignore, including most Coppers when it comes to enforcing them.

  4. Jonathan Richards
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    >The sooner this comes in force in the Uk the better.

    According to a recent episode of "Traffic Cop" it's not uncommon already.

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