back to article UK White iPhone 3G availability boosted

Roll up! Roll up! Roll up to the Carphone Warehouse because the retailer’s begun taking pre-orders for the white iPhone 3G. CW_white_iphone_preorder Get your order in now The 16GB white-backed model has been extremely rare in the UK until now, but a CW spokeswoman confirmed to Register Hardware this morning that it will …


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  1. michael mackey
    Thumb Down

    But it still doesn't support flash ...

    I played around with the jesus phone in the shop, and although I agree its got a nice UI, theres too many things missing from it still ... Until it supports flash and MMS (not to mention the signal issues) I think its incomplete.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    What do you need flash for?

    Apart from youporn and annoying banner ads?

    OK, I'm sure there are sites out there that are flash only, but many providers that use flash a lot tend to handle the iPhone specially - youtube and iplayer being examples.

  3. Piloti


    ... is what I think of this jack of some trades.

    A medium spec' nokia is still way ahead.

    Why does El Reg keep churning out these non stories about this pointless hybrid of junk.

    Anyone who pays nearly £1k to rent a device from Jobs Lot needs their heads testing.

  4. Robert Gough
    Paris Hilton

    not _actually_ rare in the UK though

    as you've been able to walk into an apple store and pick one of these up since day 1. (though I can't imagine why people would want white, it's fugly!)

    paris, because her people would have known this already.

  5. Dan White

    Still torn...

    Having played with a friend's JesusPhone, I do really like it, and I'll probably be called to the Dark Side once my current contract is up.

    I have to agree with the first poster though - Sending an MMS shouldn't be beyond the capabilities of the phone, and to be missing something as basic as Copy and Paste seems bizarre. The signal issues will be rectified ASAP I assume, as they have actually acknowledged the problem (right?).

    If those issues get resolved, I'll be all over it like Paris on a webcam :-)

  6. dervheid


    who really cares!

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    White is the new black

    How fickle we consumers are - when the iPods were all white and no other colour, we clamboured for black ones when released. Now it's the other way around...

    I'd accept it more if it was entirely white, but from what I can see it's just the back covering - the front and the UI remains predominantly black!

    I could have achieved that effect with Tippex (other correction fluids are available)

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    don't bother with the white one!

    I thought I wanted a white one, but a guy in my office recently got one and they're not nearly as nice as they look on the Apple site. The white back with the black and silver just doesn't look too hot.

  9. Anonymous Coward
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    Looks rubbish

    Woopeee Doo is comes with a white back !!! (Note the sarcasm) . It looks naff , prefer the normal model

  10. Ben Bufton

    @James Sherwood

    The story is about the availability of white iPhones at non-Apple UK outlets.

    What the hell has your mini review got to do with that??

    Haha!! :s

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    re: Flash

    YouPorn does work on the iPhone.

    So I have been told.

    Not that I've looked myself at all. No, honest, really.

    Paris, because it's only a matter of time till she does.

  12. Steve Button
    Jobs Halo


    "Why does El Reg keep churning out these non stories about this pointless hybrid of junk."

    ... because people keep reading them I guess. A lot. If you don't like it, then don't click on the link... and don't waste time adding a comment. What are you worried about, wasting too many pixels on your display?

    ... and people like me shouldn't waste time commenting on you wasting time commenting.

    Personally I think the white ones look shit, and a lot of turd brains just want to get something a bit exclusive. I prefer the silver ones (v1). A Brushed aluminium one would look really cool.

  13. Francis Vaughan
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    Some sort of prize warranted here

    Is it just me, or is this possibly the most pathetically content free article to have ever shown up on el Reg?

    Seriously, an article telling us that some particular product is now more available in a different colour than it once was? Get a grip.

  14. David H
    Paris Hilton

    Still waiting

    Not for white, but for the iPhone to be available on a PAYG tariff, although O2 really ought to lower their standard PAYG data rates as well (which you get if you don't pay for their monthly £7.50 data bolt-on).

    Paris, because I bet she knows how to pay as you go.

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Still won't make the tea

    OK it's got a "nice" UI but it has no practical purpose for those of us looking for a teasmaid.

  16. Richard Cartledge

    hong kong

    Hong kong seller on eBay sell the best look and most easy back cover for iPhone in any colour green pink gold black silver or White with free two tools.

    And for those whining, use Firefox with iPhone-blocker.

  17. Anonymous Coward

    Oh for crying out loud...

    At least half the comments on this are along the lines of either "I don't like the iPhone and don't want one" OR "This is a pointless article, who cares".

    Now I know there are some people of very limited intelligence out there but an article titled "UK White iPhone 3G availability boosted" is almost certainly going to be about White iPhones becoming available. So why oh why would you click on it and read it if you then end up posting a comment along those lines??

    Paris as shes as dim as most of the iPhone trolls out there.

    Just stop already, its getting SOOOO old and boring.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Flash IS needed

    for those of us who use the gay dating sites, because all of the good ones (gaydar etc) use flash for messaging between users...

    Paris because she probably is a fag hag

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