back to article Mobile devices hit the stage, execs at IDF

Intel wheeled out a slew of partners who have bought into its mobile internet device vision today, and announced that it has turned out first silicon of the next generation of the platform. But the presentation was almost over before it began, when a Panasonic rep decided the best way to demonstrate its CFU1 ruggedised …


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  1. p3ngwin
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    World Of Warcraft a "graphics heavy game" ?

    World Of Warcraft a "graphics heavy game" ?

    are you kidding?

    the game runs at max setting at 1024*768 on a 1 gig SINGLE core cpu and a 5 year old grfx card!

  2. Big_Boomer Bronze badge

    World Of Warcraft a "graphics heavy game" ?!?!?

    Yeah, what he said. <LOL>

    If they really want to impress me they should try running Crysis on it. Hell, even something like FarCry would be impressive.

  3. Edwin


    say *mo-bile*

    Your 1024x768 1GHz single core CPU with a 5 year old gfx card still requires a petrol-powered generator and dolly for anything approaching mobility

    Geez. That's a bit like pointing out that a Bugatti Veyron's top speed is crap. When compared to a fighter jet.

  4. Jasmine Strong

    If it's an SoC...

    ...then why doesn't it have on-die I/O? If it's two chips, it's not an SoC, it's just got an integrated memory controller.

  5. Dave
    Dead Vulture

    I agree with Jasmine

    2 chips equates to neither of them being a 'system on chip' - SOC.

    A decent degree of integration, granted, but not-a-SOC.

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