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The T12 stereo ‘soundbar’ represents a totally unique take on the category; it goes back to the dawn of stereo technology itself to deliver a genuine revolution in sound reproduction. Using technology developed by its sister technology Airsound, the Orbitsound T12 is designed to give a boost to TV audio as well as act as a …


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  1. Jerome

    Sounded good till the end

    It sounds worse than a BOSE system? I'll give it a miss thanks.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Spatial Sound

    Didn't Roland do something about a decade ago called RSS? This effectivley did the same for stereo recordings to make them sound like surround sound, in fact come to think of it, my old CRT TV has the same thing....

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  4. P Chase
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    One speaker?

    Stereo from one speaker would indeed be impressive, but the review says this unit has three drivers: one in the middle and one at each end. If that counts as "one speaker", then so does a more conventional single cabinet containing two speakers: one left and one right. Boom-boxes and some instrument amplifiers have been doing that for decades; you get a degree of stereo image. Now perhaps this unit's unconventional layout does give a better stereo image, but I'm highly dubious about claiming it does so with "one speaker".

  5. Mage Silver badge

    One speaker..

    Actually it DOES use two speakers, but just not the same way as Stereo.

    Do they have a Binuaral source to Spatial processing option as well as Stereo? (The 3rd & final method of better than Mono, that is designed for headphone only listening).

    I experimented in a similar fashion on how to record surround sound for 4 to 8 speaker playback with only 3 channels, back about 1974.

    Mathematically You only need 3 channels to drive a 5.1 sound system.

  6. Steve

    single speaker?

    So it doesn't have a single speaker, it has multiple speakers in a single box? Didn't we used to call that a "stereo record player" ?

  7. Calvin Davidson

    Never mind stereo...

    Single speaker surround sound's been around for years.

    Not available here, though. I had to get my mate to buy it and send it over.

  8. David Woods

    New Cables?

    Perhaps a set of these?

  9. Alex


    You still have a CRT?

    It's the one with T3 in the pocket

  10. Mike Brown


    stereo from one speaker? well no....its a speaker and a sub, which is a speaker. so its stereo from 2 speakers. and its £350 quid!! and it sounds worse than a bose. umm no. ill stick to my jamo 102's thanks

  11. andy gibson

    RE: Spacial Sound

    I remember the BBC doing a project with 3D sound back in 1989 or 1990, giving 3D sound from just two normal stereo speakers. I think Tim Simenon of Bomb The Bass was also involved and did a special version of "Megablast" or "Winter in July".

  12. jag

    use your ears

    I heard the orbitsound T12 unit at the Cedia show and it is awesome

    It blows the Bose away- the Bose 321 is much more expensive and the speakers are designed and manufactured to work the head unit so I would question the fairness of a comparison.

    I am getting a T12.

  13. jag

    five stars

    T12 just got a five star review in macworld

  14. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge
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    Nothing new

    L+R, L-R encoding has been in use for a while. It allows the mono and stereo components of a signal to be compressed into limited bandwidth differently. FM stereo radio uses it. Some surround sound formats are based on manipulating the dynamic range of a L-R signal then playing it behind the listener. The old "Stereo Wide" trick removed midrange audio from the L+R component to make boom boxes sound bigger.

    And why is a Bose a standard unit for comparison? Peaks in the mid-treble and mid-bass are used to mask an overall poor frequency response. It makes a decent first impression but it grows tiring, even headache inducing, after about half an hour. There's actually science behind the old saying, "No highs? No lows? Must be Bose." Want to see pictures of the premium Bose speakers in my car? They're cheap junk; worse than what you'd get from factory speakers.

  15. Ben

    Praise indeed........

    "it made much of the sacrifice scene from Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto, with every sickening thud and squelch delivered over an engaging sound field with real accuracy"

    So the target market would be goulish adolescent males with an interest in (imagined) realistic violence ..........great review mate , so relevant to those of us living outside the city of tiny lights you inhabit ( bedroom , lingering smell of sock , the sensual fog of absolute fantasy , etc, you KNOW that huh? ) ?

    On your downers and your wine , your so big its so tiny , every cloud is silver liney , the great escape for all of you....."

    Scuse me , i have to rush off and re-invent the elastic band powered trouser press ( dont fret , we factored in the iPod dock at the first meeting with the accountants , i will be minted , yeah?).

    This speaker may play the hose on Bose but it is NOTHING . Compared to the new Creato Mythic Flange 9.1 platinum surreal , a "must have" for , well , simply everyone , but especially for those with a head like a fucken ( that's the irredeemably past tense ) potatoe , or at the very least , more than two ears .

    Gah ! my Kef 4 way transmission line bins cannot be bought anywhere

    and my ears love them , move along nothing to see here , file under fog plaiting , smoke , mirrors , podcast and the travesty codec .

  16. Adrian Esdaile

    Bass extension was particularly good

    Was it? Was it? I didn't see any reference to speaker housings made of osmium-coated depleted uranium! No mention of hyper-conducting magnetically suspended cables made of atomically pure copper, blessed by the Dalai Lama himself, and subjected to 75,000 hours of burn-in in the Queen's chamber of the Khafre Pyramid? And you, sir, call thyself an audiophile! Where are the diamond-nanotube suspension filaments? The pure gold with mahogany-dielctric interconnects? Not one mention of of whether the sound quality is good enough to discern the quantum spin of the electrons in the bow of the third violinist during the second movement of Bach's Goldberg Variations during Glen Gould's famous 1955 performance? No mention made of measures to reduce bit-drift in digital recordings. No way of connecting to an 1899 Edison cylinder phonograph!

    All in all, a useless piece of equipment for the true audiophile! Shame! Shame!

    Thank you, mine is the audio-phonically pure cloak made of purest shimmering samite.

  17. Lewis Caliburn

    A bit of clarification

    Adrian: All things are relative: This product does have good Bass performance for its price range and configuration. I have never and would never describe myself as an Audiophile.

    One speaker: Clearly year we are talking about one speaker enclosure here. Stating the article is inaccurate because there is more than one driver in the array, misses the point, you get stereo sound from the one enclosure, which means less positioning issues.

    Ben: We try to use a wide variety of content to test kit, obviously this gives us a good idea of the unit’s all round capabilities. I am a bit confused as to why you think the clip we ended up highlighting has anything to do with who the item might be suitable for. It might be suitable for the type of person you describe, it might also be suitable for my Granny to enjoy her copy of Brief Encounter on. The point is it produces sound well.

    Also just for the record I have no idea what 'absolute fantasy' is, some sort of computer game presumably, personally I never made it past Galaga. I also do not have smelly socks or live permanently in a bedroom. If it’s important to you to imagine the person writing a review, then you will have to do a lot better than that to get even close. I think maybe its back to the intuitive drawing board for you?


  18. rick buck

    behind small speakers are small minds

    And ALL speaker systems use the rooms surfaces to extend the soundfield via "the surface effect"; also known as "reflected sound"> ring a bose bell? (Ever heard a Klipschorn?), All speaker systems are affected by "the surface effect" whether they like it or not > either positively or negatively...with the exception of course of those used out of doors! That is why the best speakers are tested in an anecolic chamber, to map the true output of it, without interaction from the surroundings.

    I do not think they hold a candle to my NS-10M's, or NS-1000's, or JBL's, or Klipsch's, or my MP Ribbons..., and well...

    "the bass is ???LOW BANDWIDTH???...

    ...whatever that means...perhaps "LACKING!"

    Small minded people get small sound from small speakers.

    "And We Did'nt Listen To It

    Through Three Inch Speakers...

    But It's Still Rock-N-Roll To Me" >Billy Joel

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