back to article Nvidia waves goodbye to chipsets?

The web is alight with rumours that Nvidia has had enough of the chipset business and is poised to leave. According to unnamed Digitimes sources, Nvidia called a meeting earlier this week with motherboard partners, to gauge support for its continued chipset development. Chipsets are thought to account for about 18 per cent of …


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  1. Zmodem

    they have wasted

    Time and money releasing cards above £/$450 just to keep benchmark freaks who want 3fps more every couple of months

  2. adnim Silver badge

    Surely missed

    What a shame, they made the best, fastest, most reliable, most stable chipsets. A joy to use and one never ever had to worry about data integrity. I will shed many tears, in fact I am pondering the point of life without Nvidia chipsets.

  3. Richard Cartledge
    Jobs Halo


    I always preferred and had fewer issues with Associated Turd Industry chips myself.

  4. Brett

    I too will shed a tear

    I've tried a couple of motherboards with Nvidia chipsets, and I fondly remember pulling my hair out by the roots in frustration as I had to believe I was too daft to make such a well engineered piece of technology work correctly. I have since stuck with Intel chipsets, which are more in line with my below average intelligence. And, my scalp is healing up quite nicely.

  5. Corrine


    Doesn't nVidia need its chipsets to leverage its latest scheme to sell multiple cards? ATI certainly isn't going to do it for them...

    Not that I would be sad to see SLI die.

  6. Jonathan Tate
    Thumb Up


    Nvidia already worked out a deal to license SLi for Intel's higher-end Nehalem boards.

    I say good riddance. Now Intel can do whatever crazy changes they like to the processor-chipset path (hopefully outright removing it) without anyone calling foul and starting lawsuits.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    shame isn't it

    what a stupid move could eventually bring the entire company to it's knee and file chpt 11. nvidia chipset has improved a lot for the last few years. I even got a Mobo with nVidia chipset set up with 4 widescreen 22" monitors

    with only one extra video card in PCIe which Intel chipset fail to provide similar quality and speed at low budget mobo. Shame if the rumor is true.

  8. Josh


    I actually quite liked the nForce chipsets, despite their issues with Linux.

  9. Craig

    nVidia denies claim

    Looks like a flat out denial, very glad to see it. I'll gladly choose nForce chipsets over Intel or AMD offerings because of reliability and performance.

  10. Bracken Dawson
    Black Helicopters

    And how will they sell SLi without nVidia chippery?

    Release a driver to run SLi on hardware where no nVidia kit is present?

    Not going to happen.

  11. Henry Wertz Gold badge


    "Doesn't nVidia need its chipsets to leverage its latest scheme to sell multiple cards?"

    Nope. Just two PCI-E slots, and enough power to run them. There's already non-NForce boards with SLI support -- I think even some with AMD chipsets.

  12. Bracken Dawson
    Black Helicopters

    @ Henry

    SLi will work on just about anything with 2 PCI-Express slots.

    Just the drivers check that an nVidia chip is present before allowing the system to work.

    There are 3rd party drivers which don't check for nVidia chips.

  13. James O'Brien
    Paris Hilton


    I sadly like my buggy ass 680i board. Course for the first several months (6 or so) of its life I wanted to throw the computer out the window(s) (hehe pun). But they have since worked out most of the bugs....except for this one little nagging bug that irritates the hell out of me. Will someone explain to me WHY? 4 GB (1GB x 4 sticks) of Corsair XMS2 Doms at DDR2-800 will cause my system to BSOD with a different code each time? I mean seriously WTF is Asus doing with a QVL list for memory? Last I knew memory was about the most basic thing there was (short of timings and the like and a HDD) in a system. If I run 3GB worth of memory im fine but filling thats 4th slot freaks out the system with my memory.

    /Paris cause shes just as clueless as I am about this issue

  14. Nick Mallard


    Adnim? Craig? Reliability? nForce?

    Someone's been passing around the wacky baccy!

    Frankly, it's about time. Nvidia gifted AMD a lease of life, ironically, with the near-perfect nForce2 motherboard, and ever since has been providing chipsets of mediocre quality, low reliability, mostly marketed at people who for some reason really, really wanted SLI compatibility and those who would sacrifice reliability for performance.

    Bring forth the Intel chipsets and a little bit of sensibleness.

  15. Anonymous Coward

    @ James O'Brian

    Do a search for 4gb of RAM in 32bit system...

    If you are using Standard Windows (or any 32bit OS), you're getting little or no benefit from 4gb. You could try the PAE switch to see if it helps your BSOD.

  16. Rich
    Thumb Down

    Lack of support for ages

    For almost 2 years motherboard manufacturers were not making new nVidia based boards for AMD CPU's. It took nVidia so long to get a chipset out for the Phenom (AM2+), the poor sales were down to themselves and no one else. They should have had a chipset ready when AMD released the CPU back in Nov/Dec last year. However, I cant believe they are just going to throw SLI into the wind. If they do drop their chipsets it will mean AMD will need to make a chipset for both xFire and SLI or nVidia is hoping dual / quad GPU's is going to be the way to go.

  17. Anonymous Coward


    Personally I would agree with Nick Mallard on this one nForce3 chipsets sucked and I changed platform partly due to the poor performance and lack of stability of the nForce3. nForce chipsets were a waste both time and money nVidia should have stuck to the Knitting.

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