back to article Cash'n'Carrion: A lean, mean, fighting machine

We're delighted to announce this sunny afternoon the rebirth of Reg merchandising tentacle Cash'n'Carrion - which has undergone a complete overhaul and now boasts an improved shopping experience and a rack of new t-shirt designs. Get your coat at Cash'n'Carrion Our shirts are now printed to order by German cotton-botherers …


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  1. Greg

    Oh hell yes!

    A shirt with a 48k ZX Spectrum on it! And another with the DeLorean!

    Have you stuck needles into my brain to view my dreams, or was a long communal meditation session required in the office to find the very core of nerdism?

  2. Steven Raith
    Thumb Up

    Ye Gods

    I have never, ever bought 'merchandise', on principal.

    The tinfoil hats obligatory and black helicopter designs are bending my will however....

    Steven R

  3. alafair

    where's the BOFH coffee cups?

    I NEED a BOFH coffee cup - until I've had my first pot or 2 I'm at my most diabolical.

  4. Sarah Skelding


    You've only got boy-shaped t-shirts? Oh.

  5. Sam


    "I have never, ever bought 'merchandise', on principal."

    You mean principle.

    And ninethly, why have you contracted a non - British firm?

  6. M
    Black Helicopters

    I am a sucker for mugs.

    Could I have a black helicopter mug please?

  7. John
    IT Angle

    American Dollars?

    Are those little dollar signs an indication that your site is *gasp* region specific based on IP perhaps? Will it really only cost me $20 for a T-Shirt plus shipping? Or is it still the trusty british pound and actually going to cost me $30 USD plus shipping for a T?

  8. Steven Raith


    You are correct, and I stand corrected.

    [ah, the wonders of orthopaedic shoes]

    Steven R

  9. Dr Patrick J R Harkin


    "I NEED a BOFH coffee cup - until I've had my first pot or 2 I'm at my most diabolical."

    Me two. Until I've had a few brews I'm Satan incarnate. Then I turn nasty.

  10. Peter Ward

    Where is "I do my sudoku in hex"?

    Once upon a time you had a number of great shirts like the one above.

    Can we have these again?

    I want that one and a couple more from your current stock, they will be worn with pride; along with my Ipood shirtfrom Bangkok!

    Hat, coat, going to the post office now; via the pub.

  11. CJ


    Mine says 20 Euros...

    Oh well, with the current exchange rate to ZAR, it doesn't really matter if it's dollars, pounds or euros - too expensive either way :(

  12. Martin Lyne
    Dead Vulture


    Shouldn't it be..

    <coat> <door/> </coat>

    ..if there's no ending tag, then it should be self closing, yes?

    I wouldn't wear malformed HTML in public, tsk.

  13. Andy
    Thumb Up

    Title this!

    An actual sensible comment? *gasp*

    Anyway, poking around a little, as solicited, I noticed that if you click 'show all' to show everything then not everything is shown. I will admit the only thing I noticed not being shown was the 'WTF?' T-shirt, primarily because I want one of those, but there may or may not be others (imho, ymmv etc)

    Otherwise great. Who knows, I may even buy something.

  14. Not That Andrew

    Read the frikkin comment

    Where oh where are the O'Really Shirts? I was going to invest in "Distributing Clue to Users" and then you closed the old store. And it's not in the new one.

    And we need our BOFH mugs!

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Has promise

    I agree with lady shaped tshirts. I personally want the tinfoil hat one.

    Will there be travel mugs, with tops and such? We cant have regular mugs around the office for safety reasons.

  16. moonoi

    Global shipping please

    Gutted can't ship to Thailand either and I need to replace my old Hacker polo shirt.....getting a bit worn now after 6 years wear.......

  17. Matthew Malthouse

    More stuff please

    Like mugs and pens and mugs and post-its and mugs and mice-mats. But mostly mugs.

    And the T-shirts... well hardly geeky, are they. Now a polyester button-down collar, short sleeve shirt with breast pocket AND pocket protector with BOFH logon on the other side. Well, then you'd be talking.

  18. CyberSword

    BOFH mugs

    Can't agree more, we need the BOFH mugs back as well.

  19. Jeff Wojciechowski

    *null value*

    Ditto on the BOFH MUG!!!! That will go over better than the Dunder-Mifflin Employee of the Year mug!!

    Anon coz @ work.

  20. Mike Powers
    Paris Hilton



  21. Graham Lockley

    See Title, See Title Run

    To quote that font of all wisdom AKA Vince from Rex the Runt.....


  22. Mark York
    Thumb Up

    BOFH mug

    Nuff said!

  23. James O'Brien
    Thumb Down


    BOFH mug is missing. You do know the PFY will have your job (life/sanity/bladder control) for this. You cant go around messing with mainstays like that.

    I need a new one some jackass broke the handle off the old one.

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ Sam

    ... why have you contracted a non - British firm? (German!)... because Mr Armani and TopShop had already bought everything in China ... and the London Cotton fields are now run by Lidl!

  25. Anonymous Coward


    I believe the joke was supposed to be gets coat, opens door, closes door. But you've killed it with your syntactic analysis. And <coat/> <door/> would've sufficed, if we're being picky! Ruined I tellsya!

    And it's not HTML, if we're being anally retentive.

  26. Anonymous Coward

    @ HTML

    Open coat, close coat has a whole different meaning...

  27. Martin Lyne


    True enough, there is no DOCTYPE telling me anything. Get the W3C to approve a ERML (El Reg Markup Language, of course) type and we can call it quits.

    If they wanted to be rude they could have just omitted the </door>. *Sigh* Manners/markup jokes.. what have I become?

  28. pctechxp

    Nice designs, shame about the price

    £7.50 tops

  29. Neil

    Yeah, more stuff

    Yeah, seriously. I bought some humorous t-shirts once. Never wore any though because I'd feel like a complete nonce. Bring on the coffee cups!

    I wonder how Sarah feels to be immortalised forever in her own range of t-shirts. I think she'd want to be on a coffee cup too.

  30. Nick M
    Dead Vulture


    Still no 'I'm not afraid of Bill Ray" t-shirt????


  31. Mad Hacker
    Thumb Down

    Sad to see O'Really shirts disappear

    My old "Distributing Clue to Users" is wearing out and I do so need a new one.

  32. Mike Groombridge
    Thumb Down

    I miss the other stuff

    mugs key rings etc can't where t-shirts to work but can have a mug for every day of the week shame the moderartrix doesn't come in girls i know a girl who would love one.

  33. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Gurl sizes

    On the way soon, never fear.

  34. Mike Groombridge

    also where's the

    user empathy i've heard of it

    you've got an integity one but i'd prefer the empathy one

  35. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Wot about da Goff'z?


    Will the Reg be doing a suitable 'bag'O'Patches', not only to make quick eye patchs should you lose one in a fight with your vendors but also so you can stick 'em onto clothing that El'reg does not do.

    You know the old stype patches, like 'Iorn Maden' & 'Metalica'.... and the plethra of death metal bands.

    I quite fancy a selection of Reg logo patches in your main colours, in a few diffrent sizes.

    NB: Quite like the new look, same the gadgets seem to of gone, I alwas fancyed that keyring that glows for 10 years.


  36. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What we need next

    "I'm the one who's watching you on the CCTV" black t-shirt

  37. Joel

    Bring back the NTK shirts....

    those are what we are after....

    And the O'Really shirts....

    And while you are at it, bring some xkcd ones over as well....

  38. andy gibson

    @ Greg

    Where have you been? ZX Spectrum T-shirts have been around for years.

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