back to article AVG update nails down stability bugs

AVG has published an engine upgrade to its popular anti-virus scanning software that addresses a raft of stability bugs. The update, published Tuesday, addresses a bug that means the scanner is liable to crash when scanning malformed UPX compressed executable files. More significantly version 8.0.156 of the software fixes …


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  1. Nir
    Gates Horns

    Too late

    After a few weeks with AVG 8.0 constantly prompting me to reboot so it could "update" I got sick of it. I installed Avast. So far, so good.

    AVG 7.5 was OK. AVG 8.0 vacuums canine testicles. I'm guessing they're going to rapidly lose market share soon.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bit late.....

    Touch late for this methinks - I've already migrated to NOD32, and plan on shifting my other 5 systems across to it!

    Not only has AVG8 become huge bloatware, it also moans continuously about buying its upgrage to the paid version. Sorry, but if you cant do it for free and do it quietly like AVG7.5, you wont be getting my interest, support or recommendations in future.

  3. C Ridley

    A title is required

    Anyone still using AVG?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: A title is required

    Nope. Not me, nor any of my customers.

    If you sign up at as a reseller of ESET Smart Security or NOD32, not only can you sell licenses to your friends and pocket roughly £13 for each one you sell, but you also get free "in-house" licensing.

    So even if you sign up as a reseller and do nothing more than pocket the free licenses for yourself, you're quids in - a decent-grade AV product on your PCs or servers, and not paying a penny for it.

    Voila. Job done.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Wonder if it works properly on 2K now?

    "Upgrading" to AVG8 rewarded me with no automatic virus updates (you could turn them on, only to reopen the tool and find they'd been turned off again!) Tried it across 3 Win2K machines and the same on each. Since support for AVGFree consists of "buy it or **** off", I opted for the "**** off" option and went elsewhere.

    AVG used to be a nice, lean tool, but these days it's become bloated out of all proportion and buggy with it. Same thing happened with Nero, with early versions working flawlessly whilst later, bloatware releases were full of crap nobody wanted and crashed a lot.


  6. Kajiki

    Anyone still using AVG?

    Me, I am. On both my computers. And my brother is on his PC and laptops, and so is my flat mate, and my friends, and some of their family, and when people at work bring in their home computer for me to repair I uninstall their expired security suite software that they bought from PC World and install free AVG and free ZoneAlarm. And they go away and tell their friends and family to download it for free as well. And the love continues to spread.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It was buggy but..........

    ......everything seems to be OK now.

    Nobody was forced to go over to AVG8 straight away. The paid version of 7.5 is still supported until the end of the year I believe.

    And as a reseller, you make around 30% a license without trying too hard, plus you make on the renewal and you get free 'in-house' licensing.

    Voila. Job done.

  8. Scott Silver badge

    Re: Bit late.....

    V8 is completely free - just like its predescessors.

    I have been using it for years and saw the same comments about paying when we had to upgrade from 7 to 7.5. People would moan that the free version was coming to an end and what they now had was asking for money.

    Of course the free version takes a little digging to find. They are a business and naturally they want to push the pay for version. You have to type "free" into the search box!

  9. JC

    So when does the free version get it?

    This has only been released for the paid version, my free version updated today still reads program version 8.0.138, not 8.0.156, as does their full AVG Free, application installation download link.

  10. Jason Harvey

    Did they fix the bloat?

    nope... still too fat for my system. AVG was good before they bloated up. Avast takes care of viruses and ad/spyware and works as well as AVG 7.5 did. so until AVG trims the fat... Avast me hardies! I be usin Avast on me PC.

  11. Micro

    Linkscanner Version


    I think Version 8.0.156 is in reference to the LINKSCANNER version...not the AVG core.

  12. Andy Towler
    Gates Horns

    Now that I switched to ClamWin...

    ...there's no reason to switch back to AVG.

  13. Dave Bell

    I didn't feel in control

    I found that AVG 9 was inclined to flash up a brief warning, and then go and do its default action when it detected something.

    And it was detecting stuff which AVG 7.5 had never seen, and other virus scanners didn't detect, and which were claimed to be long-known malware. False positive? Or everything else wrong?

    Combine the two, and I decided I couldn't trust AVG 8 with my data.

  14. Doug Lynn

    AVG is still good, linkscanner is fixed

    Hi, free AVG is readily available on search for AVG and get the free version. Yes, the lastest AVG 8.0 caused ISP some problems, but they fixed it promptly. I find the active surf shield a blessing, there are alot of sites out there today with malware links on them. So stop complaining about AVG, if you don't like it go get another free one. AVG is not bloatware, its freeware.

  15. Chris
    Thumb Up

    AVG's got too flabby

    I stayed with it for a long time. But when I realised that is uses 50-200 meg once loaded, and was covered in features I didn't use I figured it was time to change. I also started to get annoyed with not being able to turn of features such as auto update, without the icon going to alert.

    I tried most of the ones I've seen mentioned around but had feature/performance/stability issues with most of them. (Minor, but still not perfect)

    Then on a whim I treid PC Tools Antivirus. Pretty basic, but its got real time protection, heuristics, email scanning and all the other basic musts. From a cold start is sits in memory at about 5 meg, going up to 10 after a while (but no higher even after a couple of days)

    I noticed it most on my rubbish laptop, which went from solw and dodgy, to useable instantly. I've changed about 7 or 8 PC's over to it now, and they all seem a little happier.

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