back to article Emirates takes delivery of its first A380 super jumbo

Emirates has at last taken delivery of the first of 58 Airbus A380s it has on order. It was handed over today at an "historic" ceremony in Hamburg, graced by the airline's chairman Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al-Maktoum and Airbus CEO Tom Enders. Judging by the Airbus press release the shindig was a bit of a love-in, with Sheikh …


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  1. Chris Richards

    ceiling mood lighting

    That emirates ceiling mood lighting is really annoying!!

    It looks stupid and no-one is convinced by the fake starlight effect as it's only during their imposed nighttime which is probably when you want to be awake.

    Though more annoying is the seatback screen that seems to be broken 90% of the time - a repeated showing of a linux box rebooting, whilst satisfying the inner geek the first 5 or so times, is bloody annoying!

    /flames because a dirty scally stole my ipod today and I'm really not happy about it so I'm taking it out on anything I can. Including airlines. The copper who comes round tonight best be fit...

  2. Anonymous Coward

    It's got a shower in first class, don'tcha know?

    It must be true, I read it on the Internerd.

    It needs an extra half ton of water. Passengers need to book a timeslot to avoid queueing for the shower. Shower timeslots are twenty minutes long, including (only) five minutes of running water. A timer-operated buzzer sounds discreetly to tell you the water will be stopping shortly.

    Y'know, like the £2.50 never-working carwash down the petrol station politely goes beep just before the water stops.

    Well, it made me laugh anyway.

    Mine's the nice embroidered towelling one that I get to keep as a souvenir?

  3. Herby

    Shower - 5 Minutes.

    Who are they fooling? It takes me that much time just to get the water at the right temperature! What a bummer!

    Oh, and it is probably only for first class as well.

    Thought: If two people take a shower together do they get "double rations"? That might make it interesting!

  4. Neil


    You can actually get a copper to 'come round' for a theft of an Ipod? Plods mustn't be busy where you live!

  5. Charlie Clark Silver badge


    "The copper who comes round tonight best be fit..."

    So not just a love-in in Hamburg then? ;-)

    Isn't it weird that we had all those doom and gloom stories as the A380 was (inevitably) delayed and the journos seem to be chewing a lot of felt now that they're going into regular service especially as Boeing seems to be struggling to birth the Dreamliner. The A380 really is an amazing plane but I think you really have to see one to grasp the scale of the change. It more than tips its hat towards improved efficiency whilst primarily "democratising" air travel - whether this will be getting more pilgrims to Mecca or more football fans to watch Arsenal remains to be seen.

    Incidentally it's probably only a coincidence but Ryanair, who today released fucking awful quarterly figures today because they bet on falling oil prices, are big Dreamliner fan boys. Where's the icon with Michael O'Leary as the son of the devil?

  6. heystoopid


    Hmmm , unlike the one that had the test bed fender bender and appear to have broken it's back in several places at the same time !

  7. Pavlovs well trained dog


    Yeah, it's a fantasy of mine that a fit copper comes round to visit after work.

  8. Geoff Spick
    Thumb Up

    Democratizing air-travel?

    Does this mean passengers get to vote on the destination, with the winning majority getting the best seats and dibs on the shower? That'd make ATC interesting.

  9. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse Silver badge

    Don't see what all the fuss is about...

    It's a plane. Get on it. Take off. Land. All these "extras" are merely a distraction.

    Now if it could get me to Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney or Tokyo etc in less than 7 hours then that would be something worth praising.

  10. Pascal Monett Silver badge


    Not to rain on the parade or anything, but "quiet" applied to any kind of self-propelled airplane whatsoever is very much pure nonsense.

    I am quite ready to salute the achievement, and the A380 may be quieter than its predecessors, and it may even be quieter than any other commercial airliner in use today, but the use of "quiet" to qualify any one of those flying behemoths is simply ridiculous.

    Just ask the people who live under the landing path.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Swimming pools...

    No swimming pool though.

  12. Booty Inspector

    "Airbus is proud of all the engineers..."

    Your proud of ALL the engineers?

    You're absolutely sure you're proud of ALL of them?

    Including the ones that nearly bankrupt the company with their incompetance?


    Didn't think so.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    A copper? For an iPod?

    I had my car nicked a few weeks ago (they broke into the house and stole my keys) and no copper, fit or otherwise, came round for that.

    You're not Emile Heskey are you?

  14. Paul Banacks

    One down, 57 to go


  15. AngrySup
    Black Helicopters

    But Seriously

    Do we really need that many seats between the world capitols and Dubai? Choppers, 'cause that's what the rich folk really use. But it sounds like a bitchin network on the plane. Ohhhh.... the fun that could be had with that.

  16. Anonymous Coward

    RE: Boeing seems to be struggling to birth the Dreamliner

    Are you sure its not gonna be a miscarriage?

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