back to article eBay auction fraudster jailed for four years

An Oregon man who auctioned counterfeit Adobe software on eBay under a variety of false identities has been jailed for four years. Jeremiah Mondello, 23, of Eugene, Oregon, was also sentenced to a further three years on probation following his release and 130 hours of community service a year for three years at a sentencing …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    adobe.. no surprise

    when i called in at MS to report a site selling counterfeit Windows, they told me "no, no, 14 us$ is ok, that's OEM versions" and so on, until finally they told me they are not for internet sites selling, but only for business users breaking licensing.. f**tards!

  2. Slartybardfast
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    Just for once someone who deserved to be locked up gets nicked..

    I've got a Liberal view when it comes to software copying. If I've got a program and a friend would like to try it then I have little compunction in giving them a copy, as long as it's for non-commercial use. However; I have never and would never make any money out of such a transaction as personally I believe that it crosses a line. Therefore, good on them for locking this guy away. If I charged people for for other people's work then I would expect a similar fate.

    Better to charge/convict people like this rather than someone who downloads a few music tracks for their own pleasure..

  3. Slartybardfast

    @AC - Adobe.. no surprise

    And your point is?

    1.MS are W***kers?

    2. Abode are better at fighting crime?

    3. You are a person that if a business decides not to take up your complaint against

    a third party thinks that all of them are F**tards?

    4. You are the sort of person who always turns any article about anything into an

    anti-Microsoft rant. Maybe that's why your an Anonymous Coward.

  4. Franklin

    So the lesson we can take away from this, then, is...

    ...make a $400,000 profit, get a $220,000 dollar fine and spend four years in prison. That puts him out of prison in about 1 year and four months, given average time off for good behavior, meaning that, in the end, he nets the equivalent of $138,400 or so a year for sitting in a jail cell.

    Not bad. Hell, a jail cell might be more cozy than my office, and I don't make anywhere near $138,400 a year!

  5. Stef

    And Ebay...

    So did Ebay and Paypal hand back all their profits from these sales, straight to Adobe?

  6. Simon
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    Rob the robbers

    Photoshop in the states:

    $634 which is £318

    Photoshop in the UK


    At launch it was something like £400 MORE here than there. If I wanted the CD, box and manuals I can understand some increase but DOWNLOADING as well???

    We've been robbed for years, cheers to anyone who robs the robbers!

  7. Adrian
    Jobs Halo


    But I bet your ringhole is intact at the office. Hate to think what his is going to be after a year in the pokie.

    Speaking of arseholes...

  8. Bronek Kozicki Silver badge


    unless he invested remaining 138K in stocks markets somewhere in the middle of 2007.

    mine is the ragged one

  9. john doe

    40 fictitious eBay and PayPal identities?

    business as usual at the market place then?


    "...and I don't make anywhere near $138,400 a year!"

    maybe because you have the mentality to prefer a jail cell over hard work to earn a living?

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Pah it is the GIMP used base that suffers :)

    Yeah making money off someone else's work without transacting with them is just plain wrong.

    4 years hmm, I would prefer to see all the monies confiscated and given to Adobe, plus court costs, just make this activity unprofitable, don't stick them in jail, that just costs.

    Jail should really be reserved for violent actions outside the ring, anything else just get the money back and charge costs for it. Jail is not a deterrent for white collar crime, it is motivated by money, to take the motivation away just fine and confiscate the monies.

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