back to article Lenovo stock falls as IBM retreats

Lenovo saw shares fall more than five per cent today following a sale of the PC maker's shares. JP Morgan analysts downgraded the company to neutral from overweight, citing sluggish revenue growth from weak customer demand in China and the US. The downgrade came after IBM yesterday sold off 116.19 million shares worth $77.3m …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    They'll pull through

    Thinkpads are still the definitive business laptop. As long as they keep focused on maintaining quality and reliability there will always be a market for them.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    re: They'll pull through

    Indeed, investors are just a little nervous right now, so they say "better safe than sorry" when they see news that IBM is offloading Lenovo shares. In time, investors are likely to buy Lenovo shares again and the share price should then rebounce.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    They'll pull through

    There are still staff to lay off :-/

    Mine's the one with the expired Lenovo security badge in the pocket

  4. John Stirling

    @they'll pull through

    Doesn't mean they'll make money doing it. Many are the firms who went bust selling at a loss.

  5. John Saunders

    T'was ever thus

    Interesting commentary in the facts that Lenovo, in spite of being saddled with IBM's money-losing operation, though, granted, with the respected Thinkpad brand, has doubled its stock price, allowing IBM to benefit yet again from its own ineptitude.

    So why couldn't IBM do what Lenovo has done with the same product?

    Tux just 'cuz.

  6. Frank Thomas

    Where can I find a laptop

    that wasn't made in China?

  7. Bruce Sinton
    Gates Horns

    Non China made laptop

    I don't think there are any,but perhaps Korea , Formosa (can't spell the other name), or Vietnam may make some . Certainly none in USA.

  8. Robert Day
    Gates Horns

    Tank, Sell, Bottom out, Buy, Restore.

    So Thinkpad is a pretty solid name. I say ThinkPad, you think IBM... IBM sells the Thinkpad line to Lenovo for some exorborant price. Lenovo tanks, and IBM dumps the shares they have as soon as they can, and whatever loss they have to absorb. Then when Lenovo hits Rock Bottom, and no one wants the name, IBM steps back in, and buys out the company, for peanuts on the dollar, taking back the ThinkPad name, that was always associated with IBM anyhow. They restore the ThinkPad name, and make a killing. Another few billion pesos in Big Blue's coffers.

    Gates of Hell, cause he's not the only business cut-throat.

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