back to article Even without 3-Jesus Phone, Apple busts revenue records

During its last fiscal quarter, Apple shipped a record 2.49 million Macs, and even if you ignore a decent chunk of its Jesus Phone sales, it nabbed a record $7.46bn in revenues. But in typically coy fashion, the company says it has low expectations for the quarter to come. Naturally, those who play the Wall Street game sent …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Mac market share

    2.49 Million Macs worldwide is a 3.5% market share. Well up from the 3% they achieved this time last year. Congratulations!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Maybe they won't sell anymore.

    I think Wall St is full of shit maybe Apple will all just go home and not sell anymore billions of dollars worth of merchandise possibly if St Steve is sick they will all pine away and no more profits ever.

    Paris because she is short appl.

  3. Antidisestablishmentarianist

    I love Wall Street

    Twa@t makes guess at earnings. Actual company earnings different (doesn't matter if bigger or smaller). Tw@t publicly embarrassed at guessing wrong, and thus stock price must be punished. Nobody gets away with making the tw@t look bad. Nobody. Got it!

    Tw@t makes new guess, cycle starts again.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    they knew this days ago

    El reg, portal to the future....

    It's good to see that the register is finallly reporting events from the future, i for one am glad to know what WILL be happening, now if they can tell me who will piss me off next week in order for me to avoid them, that'll be peachy.

    Ankle-biting hackers storm net's overlords, hijack their domains

    IANA and ICANN succumb to NetDevilz

    By Dan Goodin in San Francisco → More by this author

    >>Published FRIDAY 27th JUNE 2008 18:55 GMT<<

    For those who don't believe in the powers of time travel.

    I for one welcome our time traveling overlords

    Mines the one with K-9 on the back

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Steve Jobs ill?

    Webster's voodoo doll is finally working!

  6. Aditya Krishnan
    Jobs Horns


    how many of the Mac purchasers were closet Windows users who bought Macs just to be cool?

  7. Anonymous Coward


    I would not wish anything bad on anyone, but if Mr. Jobs were to retire / step back in some other way, from Apple would they return to the beige old days, or more accurately not if but when, bets?

  8. adamd
    Thumb Up

    Driven by ordinary folks moving to Mac?

    Purely speculation on my part, but could upturn in sales be actually due to nicely designed, easy to use computers that satisfy customers? We have a Macbook in the office, and I am always pleasantly surprised by its total reliability, quietness, instant-start-up and long battery life.

    Compared to my 8-month old hi-end Sony laptop which really should have been a delight to own, but is hobbled by Vista Business - which makes it slow, unpredictable, struggles to find wifi network, short on battery life... All the 'cool' features of Vista we turn off to give it some decent performance. Same goes for the other Vista machines we buy.

    So this morning, I made a decision to start buying Macs from now on, and keep the PCs around for legacy apps. I think we'll save money on productivity uptime from not having to keep loading updates. Put it this way, I feel unconfortable about buying a new Vista-based PC at the moment.

    Dangers of samples of one obviously, but I wonder how many other SMEs are going through same decisions? I don't feel so sorry for Microsoft, but I think the decent PC makers like Sony, HP, Tosh and Dell are being (possibly) unfairly hammered by the poor quality of Vista.

  9. Ascylto

    @ Cade Metz

    What's the betting that Cade Metz uses a Mac.

    He is sooooooooooooooooo anally retentive!

  10. smell fresher

    Earnings from mobileme

    They warned that earnings will go down in the near future..... this is probably to do with the mobileme fiasco and all those free months they're having to give away.... I (and others on the apple discussion boards) are today again unable to access email. If they keep this up I won't have to pay for (a completely useless) mobileme for the next 50 years

  11. Thomas Silver badge

    @"Mac market share"

    What effect does the share of sales in one quarter of one year really have on anything? Whenever XP really does become unavailable for new purchases, will it suddenly be completely irrelevant three months later, having captured 0% of the interim sales share? If not then why don't you argue whatever your actual point is?

    Apple are profitable. Lots of people like their Apple products. Jobs' ego is no larger than Ballmer's. So what's the problem?

  12. Scott Mckenzie


    Just get VMWare Fusion for the Macs, to run Windows on them and get rid of all the PC's!

  13. Pavel Tcholakov
    Gates Horns

    Well done

    Now use some of those profits and make a proper midrange desktop, dammit!

  14. Charlie Clark Silver badge
    Jobs Horns

    "future product transition which I can't discuss today"

    10:1 it's the Apple laptot catchup. Although they probably want to drop the mini they can't recycle so how about Apple reinvents the wheel and releases the MacBook Go?

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Apple's laptot

    Apple's laptot will be called the MiniMe.

  16. joris van 't Land


    We'll see what they'll bring.

    Cannot think of anything wow, as we have more or less all we need.

    A bigger touch, yes sure, but that isn't shocking.

  17. Charlie Clark Silver badge


    Fuck! Why didn't think of that.

    @El Reg Graphics Dept: NEW ICON NOW!

  18. Andrew Kaluzniacki
    Jobs Halo

    Dude - $17 == 10%

    Hey, thanks for the heart attack. AAPL is down 10% not 17%.

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    3G kills,

    everyone knows that. The Jobbie being surrounded by 1 million of them will not survive the year. His own fault really.

  20. Daniel B.

    Apple isn't gaining market...

    It's MikeRoweSoft *losing* market. OEM's were stupid enough to hammer Vista into consumers; they did it so well that people just stopped buying PC's. Then, when Average Joe wants to buy a new PC, well... they're forced to change to either crappy Vista, or MacOSX (Linux isn't quite there yet for the average user). Suddenly the Mac doesn't seem that bad anymore... you'd have to re-learn everything with Vista anyway!

  21. Ben Bufton
    Jobs Halo

    @Aditya Krishnan

    Yeah... you're right. Macs are cool...


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