back to article Capita wins NHS website contract

The Department of Health has named Capita as its preferred supplier for the NHS website - NHS Choices. The site was set up in June 2007 by Dr Foster Intelligence but the contract is up for renewal in August. It is expected that Capita will take over in Autumn this year. The site,, offers general health advice, advice …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Safe in their hands!

    If the aim is to waste as much of other peoples' money in as short a time as possible, the government has (as always) made the right choice.

  2. David Merry

    A Website - £20m per year - Does it come with a free car for each user ?

    How on earth can it cost £20m to run a website for a year? Even if I think of the most complicated and highly resilient solution, I'd struggle to spend more than 5m to set up the hardware and software.

    What are we saying here - £50m of content ? How on earth can that be viable?

    I have designed and implemented highly resilient load balanced infrastructure for high street banks and can't for the life of me understand how $50m over 3 years is good value !!

  3. Daniel Cassidy


    If anyone wants to vote for me as supreme overlord of the UK, my first act will be to ban Capita from consideration for government projects.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    @ Daniel Cassidy, from iGOR

    [1] - ba-thed on your no-nonthenthe approach I mutht warn you that your political objectiveth are completely out of whack with current Britithh political ideology.

    [2] - ba-thed on [1]... you get my vote

    [3] - ba-thed on [2]... thhould I give up my day job (grave robbing) and hobbieth (cruel and unuthual experimentth on ute little puppieth) to make mythelf available ath your truthted (yet thurprithingly deformed) thidekick ?

  5. Mr Ropey

    How long before it crashes??

    Taking bets now on how long in nano-seconds it'll take the new website to crash, that is if it ever amkes it to the launch date!

  6. Blockhead
    Dead Vulture

    How do we all get a piece of this?

    What recession?

    One shudders to think what Capita would charge for a full SAP deployment at NHS. Extrapolating the above number, it could perhaps consume the entire operating budget of

  7. Adrian Midgley

    a third iteration of the same original inaccurate data

    seems likely.

    Along with the loss of every bookmarked link.

    Unless someone has had the sense to avoid a proprietary lockin as before.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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