back to article Man hacks Mac OS X onto MSI Wind

Fancy a 10in MacBook, anyone? We've seen Mac OS X installed and run on Asus' original Eee PC, and now someone's done the same on the MSI Wind, aka the Advent 4211. To be fair, hardware hacker Paul O'Brien admits there's plenty of bits that don't work once Leopard's up and running - most notably Wi-Fi and putting the machine …


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  1. Adam Buckland
    Jobs Horns

    Do I hear the sound of....

    The Apple lawyers rushing towards another generic apple clone with copies of the EULA in their grubby mitts...

  2. Robb Dunphy


    So we've got Eeepcs running XP and linux, and now we've the MSI Wind with XP, Linux or Mac OS X. It's impressive what he's done. Wonder if you could sort out a triple boot version?

  3. David H
    Jobs Horns

    Not bad for the money

    It's roughly equivalent to half the performance of a MacBook Air for a third of the cost (Advent 4211 plus the cost of a retail copy of OSX Leopard, DVD drive plus a compatible wi-fi card). However it's a pity that the sound input/output sockets don't work, although that problem could theoretically be solved using an external USB audio device.

    Despite these minor setbacks I am still seriously tempted given the low cost - the Advent's performance when running OSX is similar to my trusty iMac G5 and that is still a surprisingly capable computer.

    Evil Steve Jobs because he really ought to also produce a cheaper MacBook Air with a smaller physical footprint.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Lets play wheres Webster!

    First to Post 'I spotted him' after a Webster Post wins. choose your own webster Icon..

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ Lets play wheres Webster!

    I think he took umbrage at getting the smackdown from an entire page of comments for a spectacularly misdirected and originality-free rant about an article which had precisely zero Mac content in the first place and has thus retired to the sandpit to play with his own turds until such time as his meds need topping up again

  6. Anonymous Coward

    double standards?

    so..usually we get rants about Apple unlockers etc - and yet this article seems to be promoting this activity... a refreshing change.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle


    I'm not a Mac guy at all, and wondered..

    In the video he refers to "OS-Ex".

    I always thought it was "OS-Ten" (The X being a roman numeral?), as it followed OS 9.x?

  8. John Quoeto

    Just a Note

    Learn about the MSI Wind and where to buy it at the biggest Wind Forum at

    Plus if you go there they will help you with setting up the osx on the wind.

  9. Cristhian Mejia

    Steve must be pissed

    Lol Steve could either hate or like this. People could use OSx86 to experiment and get hooked then purchase a Mac or could fully just find a substitute.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I recommend a butt plug. Soon :)

    Let's just say the smackdown is coming, and it's gonna beat his punk ass --

    A bunch of large gentlemen will arrive shortly, in expensive suits and using very fancy English, charging $2,000+ per hour, and demanding a blank cheque to "settle" the matters of breaching the EULA, diluting the trademark, etc.

    Laptop? £280!

    OS X Leopard? Free! From 'da torrents ;)

    Getting raped by a shit-tonne of lawyers on YouTube? Priceless!

  11. Nikolaus Heger

    Get a Job, You Slackers!

    Did anyone else notice this is a really silly article?

    The guy hacking a Wind into running OS X - that's mad, and awesome. If you are having fun hacking hardware, great stuff. But for the rest of us...

    How much is the MacBook Air again? For the time spent hacking a Wind, I could also work in my real job and buy 2 MacBook Airs. Wow such a bargain, thinking about it this way! Like, they did all the hacking for you, it's not even hacking, it's officially supported, and it's a much nicer piece of hardware to boot. And they'll just hand it to you, trading for a few hours worth of work in your job. Compared with a hacked Wind, the MBA is the best deal on the planet. ;)

    I also don't think Apple care at all. If they take action it will be because legal determined that they have to in order to protect a trademark or the EULA as in if they didn't they'd have trouble defending these in future cases. But concerned about the unwashed masses going out and modifying their Wind in this fashion? Surely not.

  12. Diccon


    Nice attempt to impress us all with how much you earn, but £3000/hr is pushing the limits of credibility.

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