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The iPhone 3G only went on sale last week, but a Brazilian group already claims to have hacked the phone, allowing owners to use the device on any network. Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from DesbloqueioBr is thought to be one of the first groups to have successfully unlocked the iPhone 3G. It has …


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  1. Gareth Irwin

    My understanding was

    You goto a phone shop or apple store and if you want one you get put onto the network there and then like any other phone.

    Therefore whats the point of the jail break (Accept in like 2 years time when you contract runs out?)

  2. Phil A


    What if you're already in contract?

    What if you don't want to pay for a £35 a month contract?

    What if you don't want to be with O2?

    What if you don't want a part of your call charges paid to Apple?



  3. J

    Re: My understanding was

    The point is to make the phone work in a place (Brazil) where there is no iPhone being sold yet (officially), and where the telco from the original country does not even exist. Now, in places where it is on sale, then... see Phil's answer above, I guess.

  4. Matthew Collier


    "it’s been rumoured online that the phone will cost between $250 and $375 (£250-375/€250-375)"

    There, fixed it for you!

  5. Jules

    @Gareth Irwin

    As soon as the phone is available with on pay as you go, anywhere in the world, people will buy them to unlock, throwing away the included SIM. Then the grey imports to other countries begin.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Phil A

    If you're that concerned, simply don't buy an iPhone then. Problem solved.

  7. Tim Brown

    Vodaphone and iphone 3G

    Went on sale in NZ last week. Not carrier locked.

  8. Gareth Irwin

    you missed my point entirely.

    In the uk at least if you walk into O2 you cannot leave the store until you have signed a monthly contract which you WILL pay every month.

    There fore what is the point of the jail break? Surely people will not pay 30 quid to o2 a month then money to another phone provider as well?

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    As much as I love my iPhone I can't for the life of me understand why someone would be so sad and desperate as to go to the bother of buying one at great cost, unlocking it, thereby removing any warranty and any chance of updates working and then sign it up on a different network where you wouldn't get free data which is kind of a large part of the point of the iPhone.

    I didn't understand it the first time, don't understand it now.

    Paris, as shes as brainless as anyone who'd go to that bother to end up with a half working iPhone.

  10. Bobak Fakhraee

    Not a hack

    Just to point out this is not a Hack. Jailbreaking or Hacking the iPhone would allows 3rd party applications and so on to be added for free, without spending on iTunes. This is "unlocking" to any network. Personally in the UK, I don't see the point in unlocking the iPhone. Half of the attraction is being able to use unlimited data and wifi hotspots. If you stick a voda or orange or whoevers sim in, you pay through the nose for the data charges.

    Anyway - still awaiting the jailbreak... not sure i'll do it though, i dont want an expensive 18 month brick.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Who wants... iPhone anyway? I'm over-the-moon happy with my Nokia 1112. Plus I don't have to fear for my life when talking on it wandering around the dodgier suburbs Nottingham at night (well, not any more than I should have to).

  12. Ben Bufton

    Garath's point

    I'm not entirely sure - but I think Garath might mean that, as you have to sign up for a contract to actually get an iPhone 3G in the first place, what's the point of then being able to unlock it?

    You're still paying the monthly tariff you had to agree to (complete with handing over card/bank/proof of identity details) anyway.

    It's a fair point - and I suspect one that might see "old style" iPhones commanding quite a price on ebay for a while yet.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Mobistar Belgium sells the phone - unlocked...

    Nip over to Belgium, buy several. It's a steal for a 16GB phone, even if you go onto the lowest O2 contract.

    £159 + (18 * £30) = £729

    £0 + (18 * £75) = £1,350

    Mobistar: €615 incl VAT = £488

    Saving: £241 over the life of the O2 contract. And you keep your own number. And you don't have to deal with O2.

    And whatever you do, DO NOT be browbeaten into paying for a Mobistar contract. They are legally obliged to provide the phone unlocked, without a contract.


  14. Marcelo Nascimento

    iPhone 3G in Brazil

    Here in Brazil there´s a law that all carriers have to sell unlocked phones if you don´t want to pay for a 1 or 2 years contract. You pay the price, but the phone is unlocked. About the official sales, Claro ( is announcing the iPhone 3G soon. Why do apple deny it will sell iPhone 3G in Brazil?

  15. sleepy


    1. Carriers no longer share revenue with Apple. Instead they buy the iPhone from Apple at a generous price.

    2. Jailbreak = hack CPU OS security so you can install applications not supplied via Apple; unlock = hack baseband processor firmware so you aren't tied to official carrier. Story is about a claimed unlock.

  16. sleepy

    actually I don't believe it

    I think they have just made a clever video for Youtube and are trawling for sales leads in the hope of there being an unlock. They've set the price high so they can buy unlocked iPhones if they have to. Or just run off with punters money if that works better.

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