back to article Sony PS3 sub-£300 Blu-ray Disc player

For the final part of our cheapie Blu-ray group test, we’re looking at the Sony PS3. It’s at the top of the price range - at £299 - but given that you get a high-end games console as well, it’s a decent deal. Can't see the video? Download FlashPlayer from Related Video Reviews Sharp BDHP20H Blu-ray Disc player …


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  1. Mark
    Gates Horns


    The PS3 is capable of updates, like the latest one which gave it HD-DVD playback ability. Sony are giving the PS3 the best Blu Ray support!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Halo


    Yeah, whatever Mark... the comedy styling still makes it look like an oversized Breville sandwich toaster.

  3. Mark
    Gates Horns

    DO ME

    and i'll do you big boy

  4. Monkey


    HD-DVD playback? Are you kidding me? Yeah sure. Do you work for Paramount or something and want to get a load of HD-DVD's sold and off the stock lists?!

  5. Richard Home

    and more ...

    Plays BD, plays DVDs (upscales), CDs (upsamples), SACDs (60GB version); supports 7.1 surround sound and HDMI 1.3; streams DivX and MPEG video from a media server; streams MP3, AAC, WMA and AC3 audio; can rip CDs to the hard disk and look up the album info; can display your photo album as well. 60GB version has a card reader. Has a web browser (OK - not a good one, but you can read the news) and can take a video cam for online chat. Runs Folding@Home if you want to help the world. Has wireless LAN (60BG version). Has bluetooth. Can communicate with the PSP, which can be used as a remote console. You can plug in a keyboard and mouse into the USB ports.

    Works out of the box. Sony subsidises it.

    Even if it didn't play games, it would still be a good deal.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo

    He got it wrong!

    The reviewer said "Pay extra for a sony cable for optical...."

    How about plugging in an optical cable into the port on the back?

    Optical is part of all PS3's not an optional cable.

    Secondly, he said 24FPS Playback is not supported, but it clearly is and has been for a long time. I know as I am running it on a Sony 46x3000 LCD TV and it works.

    Please if your doing to be telling people about anything...Get your facts right.

  7. Mike Ball

    He certainly did....

    Same things struck me - my PS3 feeds optical DD/DTS audio to my AV amp, and plays Blu Ray DVDs at 1080p/24 according to my Pioneer plasma.... so how did the reviewer ascertain his 'facts'??

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    in before...

    mark's "ps3 is so good, software updates can turn the hardware of the blu-ray drive into a combi one"

    oh damn im not.

    i swear, theres being a fan of the ps3 and then theres sounding like a creationist....

    unless your reffering to this:

    in which case "usb drives can be plugged into a computer with appropriate software" might be a more apropriate rant.

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