back to article Japan to fund creation of 40W, 40in OLED TV

Sony, Sharp, Toshiba and other Japanese consumer electronics giants are to get government cash to help fund the development of big-screen OLED TVs. In total, ¥700m ($6.6m/£3.3m/€4.2m) will be made available to the companies, all of it from NEDO, a Japanese government agency that fuels the development of emerging technologies. …


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  1. Simon Martin

    How much?

    £3.3m over five years is not going to go very far - the display business works in £billions. Has somebody dropped a factor of a thousand or so?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Whats the UK entry to highly efficent consumer goods? O wait... we spent all our cash on inefficent servers and storage to run a national ID database that wont work... And we're the ones told to stop wasting power tshh

  3. Planeten Paultje

    Ground breaking....

    I also expect it to be bank breaking ;-)

  4. thomas k.

    unbelievable or merely pointless

    So, $6.6 million over 5 years to 3 mega-giant corporations and various smaller-fry. Let's see, even if were just the big three, that would be less than 1/2 a million each a year. Sony alone is spending $206 million on developement.

    Do these big corps really need this small pittance and will it really make a difference?

  5. Mike Richards

    Great idea... will the Japanese government fund my purchase of a 40W 40" OLED TV?

  6. Bronek Kozicki Silver badge

    Sony and TV

    although I dislike Sony as much as the next guy, there is one thing I must admit : they really drive display technology. FED, OLED, now I wonder what's next.

  7. Steven Knox

    And will it cost $400?

    They're not going to reduce power consumption 1 watt if they can't make it affordable.

  8. V


    3 million quid? Peanuts. Barely enough to finance the drinks at the hanami parties I would have thought.

    But I guess the importance of the money is that it sends a signal (and signals are terribly important here) that JGOV wants this to happen. And so it will.

  9. Christian Berger Silver badge


    But there are already sub 1 Watt LCDs out there like the the CITIZEN 03TA with 0.4 Watts and those are even smaller than 40 inch.

    If you want to go for high resolution you can get lots of 10 Watt CRT TV-sets which are all far smaller than those 40 inch.

    So there are already smaller and more energy efficient TV-sets out there, so what's the point?

  10. Stephen Stagg

    @ Bronek Kozicki

    It really seems like Sony are 2 different companies,

    Sony Consumer puts out proprietary, expensive goods that don't really compete, and tend to be DRM laden.

    Sony Business tends to put out innovative, function-over-form products of the highest quality.

    They even [used to] have 2 websites, Sony for consumers was pretty but useless. Sony business was functional, and had everything you might want available in an easy-to-access form.

  11. Kenneth Chan

    At the TV shop...

    I could see it now, my wife and I will be at the TV showroom floor....

    Wife: "Do we really need a new flat screen?"

    Me: "Forget about what I want darling, If you love our kids, If you want our children to live in a carbon free world, If you love the earth! You would let me get that 40" OLED TV"

  12. Paul

    @Christian Berger

    I think they are after bigger, not smaller.

  13. Harris Upham

    reversal of fortune?

    Hey, maybe this initial investment is just to prime the pump- they certainly don't want all of the investment opportunity to be taken up by a gov't program.

    Assuming the manufacturing process for these OLED TVs is anything greener than for others (recent gas emission debacle comes to mind) the Japanese can create a major competitive advantage by offering the cleaner greener big-screener and stick the Koreans with an environmental albatross.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    @Christian Berger

    I'd be amazed to see a 10W CRT unless it's really tiny. My 34" CRT TV uses about 75W. Someday soon I'll have to replace it, but I can't rationalize replacing a fully-functional set until prices go down a little more.

  15. TeeCee Gold badge

    and the point would be what exactly?

    I reckon the only thing the Japanese government are going to get out of this is an outbreak of well-funded dead horse flogging.

    KISS engineering. FED has it, OLED hasn't.

  16. mike brockington


    What is the minimal theoretical power drain for a device like this?

    Surely to be able to see the picture on a device this size under all lighting conditions it needs pretty close to 40W even given 100% efficiency?

  17. Steve

    Re: Theory

    OLED is an active technology, i.e. it generates light, unlike LCD which has a backlight whose output is blocked to get black (well, dark grey), so you only really need to light up one OLED pixel at a time. That must help a lot with power consumption.

  18. Anonymous Coward

    its a good move

    my 37" and a friends 40" both consume just over 150W each (the 40" is better because is uses the same and is bigger and only uses 1W in standby) - my old 30" CRT uses 55W . i'm all for 40W 40" OLED screens!

  19. Haku

    Very nice, but...

    don't OLED displays suffer from poor (compared to CRT/LCD) lifetimes?

    The manufacturers have to remember that some people will leave their tv on for as long as they're awake, and longer if they fall asleep in front of it with or without the sleep timer. CRTs can cope with decades of such usage patterns but I doubt OLEDs will.

    Oh, wait, that's built-in obselecense isn't it, silly me - how else would they make you buy a new set right after the warranty runs out...

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