back to article Rogue IT troubleshooter pleads guilty to scamming Cisco

A former city contractor from New Jersey is pleading guilty to pilfering nearly $6.9m by exploiting Cisco's part replacement program. Cisco logo Michael Kyereme worked as a network troubleshooter for the city of Newark between 2002 and 2007. His job involved assisting city employees with IT troubles and ordering replacement …


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  1. Andrew Norton

    what to do with the money

    he should have used it to bribe *ahem* LOBBY senators and representatives to give him retroactive immunity. Works for all the OTHER scam artists in the telecom/network sector....

  2. Dave


    I love it that they do him for tax evasion for not declaring his illegal income.

    It just goes to show that the British had the last laugh after US Independence, because they ended up with the IRS instead.

  3. kain preacher Silver badge


    Did you know since 1978 there have been over 12 attempted bombings of an IRS building. None has succeeded, all has been thwarted. I'm convinced that the IRS could find Bin laden, the missing CDs from the NHS.

  4. William


    damn why is there no cisco in south africa??? i want that dudes job

  5. jubtastic1

    The psychology of this is interesting

    The nature of the service agreement means the fraud is obviously going to come to light yet he runs up an amount that ensures he'll get fingered. I wonder just how long Cisco ignored the numerous missing returns before he reckoned scamming a quarter million piece of network gear wasn't *guaranteed* to send him to jail?

    On that note, quarter million for an optical card? reminds me of the days when Quantel charged similar amounts for retouching workstations.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Cisco Certified Engineer !

    So that's what "certified" means.

    Over here we call it "Care in the community"!

  7. Former Gas Mask Jockey

    @ William

    There is Cisco in South Africa....

    Its called Dimension Data.....

  8. spam
    IT Angle

    Cisco supply chain problem

    I would question Cisco's parts management process. How in the world could this fellow order advance replacement parts for equipment that he did NOT control?

  9. joe K
    Thumb Down

    Silly man

    If you've stolen over $6million dollars, surely the first thing you do is go to Brazil, spend $25k on plastic surgery , another $25k on a new identity, $500k on a luxury beach apartment, $50k on a beach bar, $150k on a boat, stash the rest away in a Cayman account and live a life of utter bliss, chillin out with a hot Brazilian model !

    Instead he chose to chill out with a cold piece of Cisco kit!

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