back to article Apple's fourth Leopard spits out 25 patches

Apple has coughed up 25 security updates that come bundled with yesterday's release of Mac OS X 10.5.4. The firm said its latest Leopard release addresses operating system and application performance issues and fixes a heap of security flaws. The update affects operating system components that include CoreTypes, c++filt, Net- …


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  1. The_Police!

    Que the fanboys!

    {insert OS here} is superior that yours.

    Flame Flame!

    Mines the coat on fire!

  2. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Scarlet Pimpernels

    "Six of the vulnerabilities affect the Ruby programming language. Apple said: "Multiple memory corruption issues exist in Ruby's handling of strings and arrays, the most serious of which may lead to arbitrary code execution."

    The company said the update fixes the bug “by performing additional validation of strings and arrays"."

    Ye Olde XSS Zero Day Vulnerability ...... Hit and Run Operations which may lead to arbitrary code execution ..... or more worryingly, embed sleeper codes?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward



  4. MrT


    Just so long as it fixes the problems I've been having bringing a MacBook out of standby, or stops the 'Panic!' Kernel errors cos the thing overheats when it's supposed to be sleeping.

    OS X is fickle - my MacBook has to be shut off the nasty way to revive it from these things, whereas a friend's has never caused a problem. Another's iMac 20" keeps freezing, whereas my bro-in-law (the only completely Mac-only one of us) has had no probs with eMac, MacBook Pro or any of the other Apple PCs he's owned.

    Still, always got the Dell laptop for all the serious stuff. Vista's been no probs on that, and Kubuntu works a treat as well.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: The_Police!

    I take it you mean "cue"?

  6. MrT


    I read it as 'Qué', as in the 'W' of 'WTF'...

  7. The_Police!


    My spelling is atrocious! Must be because my jacket was on fire.

  8. Britt Johnston
    Thumb Up

    software + hardware = faster

    I recall this ancient formula for a better PC being used as an argument against hardware-agnostic OSes. It still applies to updates I suppose. On related topics, note that :

    ZDnet are reporting that they have ways of overclocking a mac - @MrT, they also ran foul of kernel panic -,39023109,39192717,00.htm

    And you mention OS-X on the eee yourselves.

  9. Peter


    <quote>I take it you mean "cue"?</quote>

    I take it you have never seen Fawlty Towers........

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    im drowning.. apple infested news-slurry - we all know apple cant code for toffee (and dont want you to code for them either) and that its hardware is second rate tatt - please make it stop! i can only cringe so much - ignorance is bliss but i cant stop reading el reg ;p

    cue the fanboitw@ts with their witless retort...

  11. cd

    Tip for happiness

    The best way to have a good upgrade experience is to download the larger Combo version and install that.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo


    This story is a complete lie. Apple are super special awesome and never get anything wrong ever. The OS was perfect when it was released, does not, and will never need patching, ever.

    Apple Leopard is so super special awesome that it runs the Enterprise (all of them), Voyager, and the TARDIS.

    And the US navy battlefleet.

    And the Space Shuttle program

    and the ISS

    and the entire Al Gore invented internet

    and its killed manbearpig

  13. Jeffrey Nonken Silver badge

    Such vitriol!

    You guys know that platform wars and OS wars and programming language wars have been going on for years, right? I remember IBM vs. CDC vs DEC et al back in the '70s and I'm sure it's been running since before then. It was tiresome then and it has not grown any less so in the intervening decades. Not a single one of you fanbois, be it of OS/2, Windows, OS X, Linux, Unix. BeOS, DOS, TRSDOS, 360/OS or whatever have anything original to say, it's all been said over and over ad nauseam and the only things that change are the names.

    You're not going to convince anybody with shouting and contempt and the only thing you prove is your inadequacy. You cannot raise yourselves up by diminishing others, it only makes you smaller and shows your weakness.

    I am not saying this to any particular group, it's sheer happenstance that I decided to let my frustration out in this particular thread. You've all got fanatics and you've all got people who stink up each others' forums and chat rooms and so on. It's not the platform, it's just some of the people. It's not even all the people of any platform or OS. Just the worst of each. It's those people I'm talking to.

    Not that they'll listen. I'm just doing this to let off steam, frankly.

    As for me, I've played on IBM mainframes, DEC minicomputers, and owned a KIM-1, IMSAI-8080, TRS-80 mod I, more PC clones than you can shake a stick at, a couple old world beige boxes (5400), and I'm currently typing on a MacBook running Leopard. Next to me is an old Fujitsu Lifebook running Ubuntu 8.04 and two desktop PCs running XP Pro SP3. My daughters are running W2k and Ubuntu respectively, my wife has a Powerbook running Ubuntu PPC, I have a server running FreeBSD 6.2. I've also got several operating systems running under Parallels on the MacBook, including Vista Ultimate, and XP in my Bootcamp partition. I've run DOS from versions 3 to 5, Win95, Win95 OSR2, Win98, Win98 SE, NT3.5, NT4, Novell Netware 3.12, SPARC Solaris 9, Debian, Mandrake, Slackware, Fedora, NetBSD, OS/2 Warp, several OSes for the TRS-80, CP/M-80 and CP/M-86 and probably stuff I've forgotten.

    You know something? Each has its place. They all have their strengths and blemishes. None is perfect. Everybody has reasons for needing or wanting to use what they're using, and sneering at them won't change that.

    Haven't you got anything better to do than come in here day in and day out and piss on anybody whose only crime is to like something you don't like? Haven't you got homework to do? Friends to hang out with? In the immortal words of William Shatner, have you ever kissed a girl? Jesus. Get a life.

  14. Daniel Beardsall

    Fourth Leopard?

    I count five.





    and now 10.5.4

    Oh thanks, mine's the one with the arms sewn together.

  15. Ascylto
    Jobs Halo

    @ Standby

    See ... "(the only completely Mac-only one of us) has had no probs ..."

    That's what you get when you are TRULY Macintosh and don't even touch the Dark Side. As any fule kno, you can get PC viruses just by using them as toilet seats!

    Look into my eyes ... not around the eyes ... become completely Mac, become completely Mac ...

    Steve, because he loves us all, dearly. More than Paris ever could.

  16. Scott Mckenzie
    Gates Halo


    No Webster snidy remarks about KoolAid (what is that by the way?) and Apple etc

    What is the world coming too.... maybe he was in fact Bill Gates and now he's retired doesn't have access to the web anymore? Now there's a thought....

  17. MrT

    Standby... pt.2

    @ Ascylto - ;¬) Paris would love us differently though, and may in the long run cost us less...

    @ Jeffrey - I'm with you on the whole 'horses for courses' idea and also have a mixed basket of experience - though i'd have to cut a decade off yours old boy! I started coding in '82 and authoring in '85. My wife has said that the Mac would be the only one she'd keep given the choice, but even she's hacked off with the whole standby thing.

    BTW the update didn't fix that particular issue.

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