back to article Asus pledges end to Eee PC 900 battery swap 'delay'

What is Asus UK doing with its Eee 900 battery replacement programme? Punters who've tried to get a new power pack out of the company claim the scheme has been quietly shelved. No so, says Asus. Asus announced the programme earlier this month. It offered to swap the 900's 4400mAh battery for a 5800mAh one to any owner of the …


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  1. Mat


    Where's the Eee Bird?

    I feel cheated!!!!

  2. Anonymous Coward

    The solution is simple.

    Buy your laptop from a region where they sell the proper batteries. Asus UK's sales will look bad compared to the rest of the world and they will be forced to either withdraw the product or honor the battery swap agreement.

  3. David Gosnell

    Re: The solution is simple.

    But then Asus could perfectly legitimately charge just as much for the keyboard swap most UK users would presumably need...

  4. red death
    Thumb Down

    Poor communication

    It is all very well trying to gauge demand, but seeing as the vast majority of their customers won't be aware of the exchange it seems more a little duplicitous...

    I am not quite sure how Asus expect people to know this is happening given that it isn't even on their website.

  5. Andus McCoatover

    The solution is NOT simple

    My mate - Vietnamese bloke owning a pub/resturant in Finland, bought one. In Finland. Finnish keyboard. (Which I need).

    4400mA battery. Mine from UK. 4400mA battery. It's about useless when out and about. 2hr. max. I WANT A BIGGER ONE!!! (So says my girl)

    (Sorry for the poor speling - keyboardäs feck*ing small)

  6. Uwe Dippel

    Please, please upgrade

    the battery of the Eee of our bird on the beach as well!

    How is she these days?

  7. Tony Smith, Editor, Reg Hardware (Written by Reg staff)


    Oh, alright then...

  8. Mickey Porkpies
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    Sorry no Sale

    This whole farce has left such a bad taste in my mouth. I take some solace in the fact that I procure over £50k's worth of laptops each year and this year I will not buy any ASUS. The measure of a good company is how is manages failure. In this case Asus have treated paying customers with contempt and as such have lost my business.

  9. Anonymous Coward
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    Go Tony!

    Thank you Tony - at last, your attitude seems to be hardening and you're not just regurgitating Asus' random comments as gospel: biting rather than licking the hand that feeds IT.

    I'd still like to know why they want the old battery back though - sending out second hand parts to cover warranty claims is not exactly ethical business practice.

  10. Ben Hambidge

    Any contact details?

    I spent 15 mins on hold on their expensive 0870 number this mornng to ask them what is happening with this.

    Does anyone have any other contact details - e.g. an email address - to get onto the list?

  11. David Gosnell

    Re: Any contact details?

    Do any of these match the number you've been given?

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Asus Battery schemes

    ASUS informed me today 1st July that Micro Anvika, Ebuyer and Misco all had stocks of the £29 deal battery. None of the sellers above have stock or have any details of the Buy a new battery for £29 scheme.

    As for the replacement scheme, I registered for the battery swap 3 weeks ago, so far nothing from ASUS on how this will work or when it might actually start.


  13. dsfs

    Utter Disaster

    Did the battery fire also fry the brains of Asus employees? A complete shambles from beginning to end. Asus not only dropped the ball, they filled it with explosives and threw it with force down a five-mile mine shaft. A total disgrace.

  14. DaveB

    Complete Shambles

    I contacted ASUS a week ago to request information about the battery swap and they sent me a two page word document that was missing key information. Today I called a number of the suppliers on the document and none of them have recieved any of the batterys from ASUS. Worse still none of them knew when the batterys would be delivered.

    The battery life on the EEE PC 900 with the 4400mA battery is dreadful and I rarely get above two hours even when just surfing the net. ASUS really need to sort out this mess and replace the batterys that simply arn't up to the job. They also need to supply customers with clear information about the battery swap and what is happening. Come on ASUS sort it out.

    Dave B

  15. Adam Elphick

    Swap sorted 'summer promotion' stil in the air!

    Finally yesterday a somewhat stressed gent called Howard called me to check my email address etc and then called me a few more times as the email was not going properly. After a while we used a different email address and it arrived stating the details for the return plus my RMA number. The system he told me should take a few days max with turnaround for us to get our batteries back. Maybe at last this whole debarcle is over... but oh wait.. all the shops who were supposed to have the 'special summer promotion' of 5800mAh batteries for £29 for us to buy instead/as well as the swap know nothing about it (apart form the ones who have been asked by we the customers it seems!) and none of them have any stock at this price..... oh dear the saga continues!

  16. Chris McFaul


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