back to article MySpace wins $6m judgment against Spam King

Self-styled former spam king Scott Richter has been ordered to pay MySpace $6m over allegations he blitzed users of the social networking website with junk mail messages sent from hijacked accounts. An arbitrator decided that Richter and his Colarado-based Web marketing outfit, Media Breakaway, must turn over a $4.8m fine and …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Nice start...

    Now kill off the hundreds of others who still spam me too!

  2. James Pickett
    Thumb Down


    "no stranger to big fines"

    Not big enough, clearly.

  3. Alan W. Rateliff, II
    Paris Hilton

    Leopards and what-not

    No news here. Some people just don't learn. He's a "High Volume Email Deployer."

    YouTube - CPA Empire Scott Richter

    Paris, because she likes having her clitorius stimulated as well.

  4. Herby Silver badge

    I may be wrong now, but I don't think so...

    The article said "Hormel, the firm behind the meaty snack". I know several people who would disagree with that statement. In particular, I have an uncle who was stationed on Fanning Island during WW2, and he has "not so kind words" about SPAM (the meat). He doesn't want to see if even darken his doorway!

    Than again, given the choice between the awful meat, and the spewed verbiage that infects us all, I might take up the former. Yes, it would be a hard choice, but at least I would lose weight which is a "good thing".

  5. Sureo

    Looks like...

    ...a few fines are just the cost of doing business.

  6. PunkTiger

    Spam - It's pink and it's oval

    Why all the hating against Spam (the meaty snack)? Fry up a couple of slices to have with your egg and toast for breakfast and it's quite tasty.

    Meanwhile, DEEP frying the spammers (junk emailers) is being too good to them.

  7. jeanl

    should fine 10x more and bankrupt him

    Should have get him to pay 10X more to myspace. The judge should set a gold standard to bankrupt spammer like him

  8. Anonymous Coward
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    "Rogue affiliates" ass. Having an 'affiliate' system at all is basically a wink-wink-nod-nod spamming technique. As far as I'm concerned, if you can't police your affiliates, you're responsible for their activities. Don't want to get nailed for spamming? Don't have affiliates. End of story.

  9. Ivan Headache
    Paris Hilton

    He's paid out $13M+ in just over 2 years..

    I'll be lucky if I earn that amount before I die.

    Paris, 'cos she might give it to me.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    But on the other hand...

    With this win, will MySpace meet their wallstreet numbers now?

  11. Acme Fixer
    Paris Hilton

    Too good for him?

    Yeah, it looks like a few fines for him are just the cost of doing business. Proof of this is that spammers are successful. What needs to be done is to make them all unsuccessful.

    Method? Some suggest a firing squad. Works for a while until the wily spammers find a way to go underground and hide from the Law. Really the right way is to make the email system work so that they can't be successful.

    As for making fines big to force them into bankruptcy, that's the problem. They go bankrupt and then pop up as some other spammer company soon afterwards, and the plaintiff gets nothing but the satisfaction of winning.

    Paris because everyone else seems to pick her.

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