back to article Koreans develop smelly, blushing penguin-droid

Government boffins in Korea have perfected a cutting-edge robot which is able to give off smells as part of a panoply of human-style interaction technologies. Apparently the aroma interface kit is now ready for commercialisation. The revelations come courtesy of the Korea Times, which reported on "Pomi" (Penguin rObot for …


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  1. Martin Owens

    Let me be the first to ask

    Does it run linux?

  2. dominic bird

    nightmare vision of the future

    Why why why why why why?

    Can I see a resemlance to Kim Jong-il? This could start a war.

  3. James O'Brien

    @Martin Owens

    Probably not since im pretty sure the blushing was it emitting the BSOD*

    I cant really see what good a robot is when it comes time to disagree with us. Just wait till SkyNet gets online and then this cute little robot will be emitting such favorite smells like Mustard Gas, Nerve Gas and BO.

    *BSOD: Brown Scent Of Death

    /mines the one with the gas mask in the pocket

  4. Brad

    he looks pissed

    "why the F%#K did you build me?"

    ROTM alert level orange: odour unit has airborne biological weapon potential.

  5. Geoff Mackenzie


    It wasn't me, it was the robot - yet another thing we can blame the computer for. I'll take six.

  6. This post has been deleted by its author

  7. Bob


    If I teach my Roomba to fart does it pass the Turing test?

  8. Pyros

    For a moment there...

    I thought its name was "Porni."

    Mine's the paincoat with the Penguin Peepers rag in the pocket...

  9. Ben
    Thumb Up

    BSOD: Brown Scent Of Death..........

    B.S.O.D Ah ha ha ha ha ha .....

    Kim Jong-il? i wonder if it has difficulty with words like "intelligent" or"inevitable" .

    "Phew , sorry about that Will Robinson !"

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    We all knew he was alive, in penguin form

    thank you very much

  11. Schultz

    rolling eyes..:

    Combining the observation that it's a penguin (commie freetard? just asking) and his eyes seem to have serious trouble focussing, let me be the first to ask:

    What is he smoking?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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