back to article Sony says yes to in-game PS3 adverts

The virtual world used to be one of the few places where we weren’t continually blasted with adverts, but no longer. Sony has announced plans to introduce "dynamic" in-game advertising on the PS3. Manhunt2 Come to Al's Axes, for all your Axe needs! Chop-chop! Very soon you could be firing off rounds at aliens from far away …


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  1. bluesxman


    As long as they're "part of the game" and unintrusive, I think I could just about live with it. Billboards adoring the course of a racing game are "normal", if they were dynamic they probably wouldn't disturb you any more or less. However, if they aren't in some way passing back the profits to the customer, IE by shaving a few quid off game prices (which, of course, I'm _sure_ they will *cough*) then they can get royally bent!

  2. Mike Brown
    Thumb Up

    is this a title?

    As long as the adverts fit in with the game, i dont mind. But i really dont want adverts for Coke in Oblivion.

  3. Marco Alfarrobinha
    Gates Halo

    Paid Xbox Live, "free" PSN...

    I'd rather pay for Xbox Live and have a proper, advertisement-free in-game experience (hear me, EA and Codemasters?) than to have a so-called free PSN where you'll be bombarded with ads... Xbox Live 1, PSN 0.

  4. Mark
    Gates Horns

    re: Paid Xbox Live, "free" PSN...

    LOL, Xbox is a paid for, and still is plastered with advertisments. Every blade is chock full of them. Also there is already games with advertisments ingame, infact Microsoft lead this way with this cashcow (suprise suprise) WAY back in 2006...

    So even with this announcement, PS3 is still the cheaper, less advert ridden platform.

  5. Tim Bates
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    Fine by me (sort of)

    As long as:

    * ads are designed into the game in a realistic way.

    * ads are chosen to fit the game, rather than randomly.

    * the game doesn't spaz out if the ads are unavailable.

    * the profits go into the games, either by lowering the price or by paying for good add on content.

    * ads are vetted by the console vendor to make sure they don't cheapen the system.

  6. Pondlife


    Fight over whether the PS3 ingame adverts will be better/higher-res/longer/smarter than the XBox ingame adverts!

  7. M Brown

    re: re: Paid Xbox Live, "free" PSN...

    But those adverts are there regardless of whether or not you're on Xbox Live. Plus they are only adverts for other games and peripherals, not household adverts.

    So yeah, bring on the paid for Live over PS3 any day.

  8. John Hicks

    For irony's sake and angered fanboys.....

    Anyone want to chip in for a "Buy a 360" advert to go on GT4?

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