back to article Nvidia targets Intel Atom with ARM-based system-on-a-chip

Nvidia has announced its attempt to split Intel's Atom: Tegra, an ARM-based system-on-a-chip product for handheld internet access gadgets that's capable of crunching 1080p H.264 HD video. Well, that's the Tegra 650 - a lesser model, the 600, only runs to 720p. Both chips will output at those resolutions - respectively, 1920 x …


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  1. C
    Thumb Up

    If you split an 'Atom' ...

    Then you get just half of the some pretty bad FPU performance.

    The 'Atom' has less FPU performance than the crappiest Celeron you can still buy .. oh but it uses 5% less power. The VIA C-7 doesn't look so bad anymore, and the New VIA Nano/Isaiah even beats the 'Atom' in early benchmarks.

    ARM sounds way better to me, then again I don't care for windows. And don't let the low mhz numbers fool you, ARM can really perform a lot at low clock speeds. Anyone who's ever installed Linux on an NSLU2 can tell you that!

  2. Warhelmet

    Mobile Devices???

    But are we going to see devices like the EEE pc and the Jisus based on this technology? The story on the BBC website seems to imply this.

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