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With touch control, a slim slider design, HSDPA mobile broadband and a 5-megapixel camera, the flagship Samsung Soul is aimed squarely at the hearts and wallets of style-conscious mobile buyers. Working from the blueprint of its ultra thin-as-you-can phone family, Samsung has created a premium mobile with a more substantial …


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  2. Will
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    Yet another samsung slider phone, this one with a slightly different d-pad

    Am I the only one not amazed by most of Samsung's latest offerings? In the last year and a half about 90% of their slider phones are almost identical, with tiny differences supposedly telling the £30 from the £300 ones apart. I don't like their design and they're certainly doing nothing new with it. Boo to Samsung. Go back to making hard drives, I say.

  3. Iain

    I like

    At present I am using the U600 which has the opposite arrangement, normal d-pad but touch sensitive call/hang up and select buttons. These are infuriating beyond belief because when on a call you cannot hang-up without either opening and closing the slider, or pressing unlock unlock cancel. Very happy Samsung have listened to may rambling letter of complaint about this issue and made some change just for me. Do I get a free one?

  4. pctechxp

    No mention of the most important function

    It is a PHONE after all so whats the call quality like?

  5. Andy
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    Its crap

    I have just returned my Soul as have 2 of my friends. Asthetically its brilliant and it overcomes all the issues with the interface on the D900 -BUT you cannot hear the person on the other end in a phone conversation. It appears that the phone does not have the performance needed to process sound, in other words its crap as a phone. Sound keeps dropping out and its not a one off, my friends and I have them from different batches and even different providers. It even does it when trying to listen to voice mail.

    DO NOT get one of these until it works as a phone

This topic is closed for new posts.

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