back to article Samsung SGH-F490 cameraphone

The first two devices to run the "Croix" touchscreen UI didn't float our boat. The Armani was high on style, low on ability, the F700 tried to be some sort of smartphone all-things-to-all-men. The new home of the Croix, the F490, is pitched as an altogether more run of the mill device; no silly designer labels, no pretensions …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    Wa the writer born in the 70's

    or are they trying to please the Yanks and Euro's

    "extra 5.5mm wider has a screen that is 0.3 of an inch bigger"

  2. Parax

    Business practice...

    "Samsung is knocking out new handset designs so fast it is losing the knack of landing a killer punch"

    Of course, got to have something 0.0001% better to sell next week. good business practice dont you know! if you make it too good you wont sell anything afterwards.

    Not just samsung though, as with the K850i upgrade to 5MP camera!!, but downgrade the ability to focus on video, downgrade the ability to use the flash properly in close up etc etc the K800 camera is so much better quality than the K850. and even though the K850 has more pixels, the K800 pictures are better when printed.... anyway sony makes cameras seperatly, so there will never be a knockout from them... k850 was my last sony device and will remain so, the're shite!. my next phone will be from a company that doesn't make cameras sepertatly... maybe Noknok...

  3. Anonymous Coward

    @Stu Reeves

    Maybe earlier than the '70s; I was born in the 1960s and only ever used SI and metric units at secondary school.

    Anon because I don't want to admit my age...

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I prefer the samsung photos to the sony ones. They have more detail. Like the van in the last photo that's much clearer with the samsung.

  5. Gildas
    Thumb Up

    imperial / metric

    mixing metric and imperial is what makes you Brits so lovably eccentric, probably all a part of you not knowing if you want to be part of Europe or the USA!

    "How big's you TV?"

    "about 80cm wide by 60 tall, 32inch screen"

    "how much is gas in the UK?

    "About £1.25 a litre"

    "and your speed limit?"


    wasn't this what put a recent Mars probe into the ground at several hundred mph (kph)?

  6. Richard Large

    If it's anything like the F700...

    I had the F700 for about a month, and I've just sold it and gone back to my N73.

    The slider forever caught on my pocket, activating the screen. Many's the time I took it out to find it surfing Vodafone Live.

    The UI just doesn't make sense... the Samsung interface just isn't logical. Perhaps I just I'm just used to Nokia, as I am with touch screens from my iTouch - the Samsung just can't compare, it's very unpredictable and inaccurate. This is of course assuming it uses the same screen as the F700.

    The F series really are best avoided for some of the better LG, Nokia and Sony offerings.

  7. Tim Cook

    Hey Gildas

    We invented the imperial system before "you Yanks" went and messed it up, so the identity conflict is just between the British and European cultures, nowt to do with you...

  8. Joe

    Review has missed a few things.

    I've got this phone and at first it was great however there are more issues.

    The screen is difficult to see in daylight.

    The answering method is annoying to get used to as it can be multiple key presses to answer and end calls.

    There are very few extras available for this phone and I've not yet found a game that works with the touch screen.

    Two extra good points. The annoying beep's can be turned off and you can watch videos in full screen you just need to get some other free software to do the conversion

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