back to article MSI card-cooler 'inspired by weed'

MSI engineers have found stimulation in the briny depths for its latest graphics card innovation: a cooling fan with vanes modeled on seaweed. MSI's seaweed fan MSI's seaweed fan close up The Taiwanese company didn't say how it came up with the notion of basing its technology on underwater flora, but it did claim that the …


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  1. Sam


    ..if it uses less power, will this keep fronds of the earth happy?

    The flippers, ta.

  2. Eddie

    How many of us keep our fans clean?

    A smooth, well-formed, streamlined airflow for all 10 minutes until the frond formed blades get dust bunnies trailing from the edges, and all those nice laminar flowlines get past the Reynaulds number and bingo, back to turbulence....

  3. Anonymous Coward


    Not the lethal type then?

  4. Anonymous Coward


    Fantastic use of the word "throbbing".

    That is all.

  5. Simon C

    I might be missing something here...

    far be it for me to knock technical innovation here, but surely the fan is only going to belt out hot air towards the next card plugged into the available slots.

    Had this fan been used to ensure hot air is exited from a system, then perhaps bravo, but surely the fact that it spews hot air more efficiently inside and around the case isnt the greatest use of this technology?

    If your exit fans are not pumping out the hot air as quick as its being circulated by the refined gpu fans, then the object is defeated.

  6. Matthew Hepburn

    Acclero S1 anyone?

    But why not just use an Arctic Cooling Accelero S1, which doesnt need a fan?

    At least not in my case, where it keeps an 8800GT @ 700/1000 under 50 degrees on load.

    Was half-expecting a long, cylindrical type cooler when I first saw the headline ;-)

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ Simon C

    I think you'll find the fan sucks air from inside the case, blows it across the heatsinks & it is vented through those slots you can see on the connector plate. Sucking air across coolers isn't very efficient for mass flow or heat transfer, much better to blow...

  8. Bounty

    can you smoke kelp?

    I was hoping to find out about some kind of new strange underwater "weed" instead it's just talking about kelp.

    mine's the one dripping salt water.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Weed, glorious weed....

    I've frequently been inspired by weed - not seaweed, though.

    Mine's the one with the pockets full of munchies...

  10. James O'Brien


    And here I was hoping that the fan had 5 fins and was out of balance :)

    /mines the 6ft one parked on FDR drive

  11. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Any kelp smokers here?

    "can you smoke kelp?" .... Bounty • Wednesday 14th May 2008 17:31 GMT

    The short answer is "Of course" but whether it does anything for you is as yet unknown?

  12. Jonathan Richards



    My pleasure; don't mention it.

  13. Eddie

    @ Jonathon Edwards

    I'll write it out 20x for homework... :)

    In my defence though, physics A level was 26 years ago, so my memory is a little, erm, turbid...

  14. Ishkandar


    Shurly you don't mean "clear as mud", given the slant of the article !!

  15. Rich

    Why not just buy a 9600 with no Fan...

    ... and bobs your uncle!

    Considering this MSI card takes up 2 slots, you might as well go with the Gigabyte GV-NX96T1GHP - No fan and guarenteed zero noise! Put it in SLI no need to overclock and the results are shockingly good!

    Seaweed, whatever next!

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