back to article Sony Ericsson puts a Flash into Java

Sony Ericsson is planning to offer developers the opportunity to embed Flash Lite applications inside J2ME midlets, in the hope that two mobile phone application platforms will prove better than one. Flash Lite has proved popular for highly-graphical mobile phone applications, and is supported on quite a range of handsets. …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Got me coming and going

    Artist's shouldn't develop applications? So as a musician and web designer where do I fit in? Did I mention that I use flash and javascript (and in some cases ajax called from flash).

    Unless you mean graphical artists in that case I'm fine as I can barely draw a rectangular square. More like a wonky tetrohedron in fact.

    Check please!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    I think this is something that JavaFX should also include... I mean, it's something that Sun should be thinking about as to improve Java for content delivery... instead of competing with Flash, make use of it... maybe make use of the Tamarin project too?... I don't know

    Paris, because she doesn't know either

  3. Kanhef
    Thumb Down


    is not going to be good. The JVM has improved significantly in recent years, but putting Flash in an interpreted language, run by a mobe processor...

  4. alex d


    Been reading up on .NET 3.0 (and XAML), have we? I think "separation of programers and designers because both are idiots in their own ways" is an offensive and dumb position. Separation is good because it makes things easier and _logical_. The new "separated" APIs are just better APIs (for many reasons), no matter if it's one person doing both things or different departments.

    As for this story... there is no separation. Java is java, Flash is flash. I think the point is that Java has a shitty graphics API that no one bothered to fix because Java fanboys are academic dweebs who don't know or care anything about UIs or ease-of-use. It's good that Java on mobiles is getting elbowed aside by Flash and .NET (silverlight). Maybe we'll have some progress now.

  5. brym
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    Try again!

    I'm a designer and a developer. Flash has always let me be both to a massive audience on many platforms including mobile. Why would I change such a sweet arrangement? Better luck next time, Sony Ericsson.

  6. Mark
    Gates Horns


    Web Designer's are NOT developers (not proper ones anyway).

  7. A J Stiles

    Flash in Java ..... hmm ..... !

    Java is an interpreted language.

    If someone has written a version of the Flash interpreter (you are allowed to see the Source Code for this iff you pay lots of money to Adobe and sign in blood a promise never, ever to program anything again) in Java, then that means the Flash Source Code must be out in the wild!

    Plan: Purchase mobe pre-loaded with Java implementation of Flash. Transport to country where reverse-engineering is protected statutory right. Examine Java Source Code of Flash Interpreter. Recreate, modifying code beyond recognition. Release as Free software. Profit!

  8. Ed
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    I'm a developer, I'm also a pretty good UI designer. I agree, 95% of the time you do not want to give a programmer a UI to design, but there are exceptions. I'm not suggesting I'm as good as someone who does UI design for a living, but I'm certainly competent enough to be able to design a good UI...

  9. Simon Brown
    Paris Hilton

    I think it depends on your definition of developer

    There's lots of designers out there who think they're developers because they can copy and paste scripts into Flash / HTML / whatever.

    There's also a lot of designers out there who are fed up of having their beautiful designs munged because Java can't do what they want it to (or more likely because developers have better things to do than make the UI of their program pixel perfect for you).

    This then is an ideal separation of the tasks. Developers will be free to develop safe in the knowledge that no matter what happens even the most head-fskced designer on crack isn't going to be able to make their API do things it shouldn't. Designers will be free to build UIs safe in the knowledge that the developer's code is going to create a UI that looks exactly as the designer expects it to without any effort required on the developer's part (something that always goes down well with developers).

    Very very sane.

    Unlike Paris.

  10. Bevyn Quiding

    java is not an interpreted language

    java is a compiled language.

    get over it.

  11. Anonymous Coward


    That would've made Mobizines so much easier.

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