back to article Sun buys low-power x86 disaster Montalvo

Sun Microsystems has bought chip start-up Montalvo Systems for an undisclosed sum. A notice seen by The Register states that Sun "has acquired the technology assets" of the chip company, which has been working on a low-power x86 processor design. The Montalvo crew and IP will slot into Sun's Microelectronics business unit. " …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    I need a low-power x86 chip for my system on which I run WinMe. This sounds perfect!

  2. Alan Donaly

    You bagged on them

    until they couldn't survive Ashlee Vance killed Montalvo .You bastard!

  3. Anonymous Coward


    as I have no sense of sarcasm or humor I might be giving advise where none is wanted, but if you really need to run an older windows version you can get win98se to do the same as winme with less memory... ts also a lot more 'secure'. not to mention that it comes bundled with a lot less 'shit'.

  4. John

    re WinME?

    Windows 2000, surely! Takes forever to shut down, but the lack of crashiness compared to 98 is worth it.

    Back to the article. This sounds like Apple buying PA Semi. But don't forget, low power x86 is the new holy grail. The big data centres surely want lower power requirements and everyone's making EeePC-type machines now. More battery life using the apps you're familiar with == win

  5. Alistair

    Another chip start-up bites the dust

    OK sir, one large sack of rice, some nice office furniture and three deep-sub-micron tape-outs. That'll be one hundred million dollars, please. Cash or credit?

  6. Martin Maloney
    Dead Vulture

    @ John

    The slow shutdown of Win2K was solved years ago. You can find the fix here:

    And don't call me "surely!"

  7. Giles Jones Gold badge

    Mobile devices and appliances

    Looks increasingly like embedded development is moving more and more towards x86 technology. The parts just need to be very cheap and low power.

  8. John

    @Martin Maloney

    Thanks. Shame I nuked my 2k box to use the hd to backup my MacBook

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