back to article Intempo Rebel DJ and ad-zapping FM radio

Ever wanted to tell Chris Moyles to shut his piehole? Or longed for Christian O'Connell to get permanent laryngitis? Intempo’s Rebel radio records all your favourite FM stations and cuts out all the DJ drivel and adverts. In a compact glossy package - it measures 195 x 80 x 70mm and weighs in at 1kg - the Rebel is a standard …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    The adverts and tiresome DJ crap is what turned me off radio years ago. Tried listening again, and Moyles's show is still utterly identical, and as annoying as it ever was.

    The result of which is that i have no clue as to what music is out there, so this thing could come in handy.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    but can it....

    notice which songs are being played to death and get rid of them, leaving only the decent stuff?

    Nice concept though..

  3. Richard

    I'd be intrigued

    to see what it does to Radio 4 but I'm not about to pay £70 just to find out.

    Would it just end up with the Archers theme tune and Big Ben's bongs?

  4. Stephen Wright

    The ironic thing is...

    ... I want the device in reverse. I can't stand the pap music they play on Radio1, but find the DJs quite funny!

  5. Mike Flugennock
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    So, will they sue all of us old-school radio mix-tapers, too?

    Looks like this little bad boy isn't doing anything different from what I and my pals were doing with our old analog Hi-Fi tuners and dual decks back in the late Pleistocene, except it's a digital recording with the dross already trimmed out, and mp3s ready to be set up in whatever track order we want for our mix discs (I know they don't mention CD as a media option here, but it _does_ give you mp3s)

    Back in my college days, shortly after the Earth cooled to a temperature conducive to life (that is, the 1970s), there were a couple of really good "alternative" stations in DC -- a university station and a local indie commercial outfit -- that were playing stuff that was from imports, local pressings, local demo tapes, live bootlegs, out-of-print, basically damn' near impossible to get hold of except by dialing in the old Kenwood and keeping a few hours of blank cassettes handy. Then, of course, came the gruntwork of playing it through and dubbing off the good stuff minus DJ blather, commercials, PSAs, etc. I've done this as recently as eight or ten years ago; we have one surviving serious jazz station in DC now -- real jazz, not "lite" jazz -- and there's two shows that I taped every week because these guys were playing so much stuff from odd sources, or out-of-print vinyl. (I still record those shows now and then, although now I just sample it straight to a hard disk and chop it up with Final Cut Pro)

    ...and I don't see what the difference is with this hardware, here. Those RIAA doorknobs would have to sue every goddamn' old FM cassette mixtaper who ever lived for doing the same goddamn' thing.

    So, look, is this thing available in the Colonies? I noticed the price was listed only in pounds.

  6. Anonymous Coward


    Would be nice if it didn't just pick the 'top 40' most played songs. I'd rather it weed those out, since you can hear them anywhere, and they usually suck. Top 40 least played songs maybe? Or if you could use an SD card to expand its memory so you'd get more than the top 40---I could live with that.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    well found

    I don't know how the Reg chooses what things to review and what others not, but this really is a fantastic find.

  8. Geoff Johnson


    I recently spent a long car journey listening to a pre-captured internet radio stream. Oddly I found I missed having DJs to tell me what I was listening to and odd LITTLE bits about upcoming albums, tours etc.

    However I came to a conclusion long ago that DJs talking is cheaper than music. So we're stuck with Moyles & co waffling on and on until you can't resist the temptation of the CD button any more.

    Another thing that comes to mind is, how powerful is that DSP compared to a pentium 4? Would a software version be possible that ripped FM (from a TV card or fed into the sound card) to MP3s?

  9. David Wood


    If you're going to commit copyright theft why wouldn't you just steal them from the internet rather than going through all this hassle?

  10. TeeCee Gold badge

    Marketing issues?

    As I see it, their target market here is freetards who don't mind dropping 70 quid on something they want.

    I have a headache from trying to rationalise that little paradox.

    (Before the inevitable happens, my tongue is *firmly* in my cheek here.)

  11. Dave

    One small step...

    There is really very little difference between buying this and just downloading the tracks in the first place!

    The adverts PAY for radio (or in the case of the BBC, your licence fee) if stations' ads are no longer heard they will lose revenue. From experience i know it costs a serious amount of money to run a radio station - even RSL and Community stations have to hand over thousands and thousands of pounds in licences and fees.

    Same applies to DVR's - i watch everything on a 15-30min delay, so i can fast forward through all the ads, sure you could do this with VHS but it wasn't anywhere near as easy (like having to wait until the program had finished before you could watch it)

  12. Jules75

    Device in reverse!

    I agree with Stephen. I like the DJs like Chris Moyles, Scott Mills etc. It's that crud music they have to play that drives me up the wall!

  13. Gildas


    Not sure I see the point...the news, weather, traffic, DJ flagging requests, competitions etc are sort of why you listen to the radio in the first place! If you don't want to hear all that stuff, listen to your mp3 player or shove a CD in your car's stereo.

  14. Steve Sutton

    I wonder if

    a beowulf cluster of these things coul.....oh, wait, wrong forum. Sorry!

  15. Kevin Fields

    Will never fly in USA

    If you've paid any attention to FM radio in the United States, they frequently step all over EVERY song with station identifications, commercials and DJ intro/outros. You'll NEVER get the full song, and so the appeal of this device is going to be greatly lost because there's simply no way around all of that.

    However, being able to plug in your Sirius or XM Satellite feed, THAT indeed makes this pretty handy. If you have cable or satellite, you could also run an audio feed out from one of the cable music stations which are all commercial-free and don't get stepped on.

  16. Anonymous Coward

    Is this true...?

    Is this product really for real?

    If this is true, then I will by this product as fast as hell. Once you have it, you have solved your music sourcing forever. They say that the product starts with saving the Top40/hit songs and then continues with the less popular songs. This is what I want and I will get mine before the record labels "asks" Intempo to stop selling, as they usually asks in court.

    I love it, and if this is not true and the people at is playing a spoof, then I will kick their as for giving me faked news.

    It is really true?

  17. Myself

    RDS for track names?

    Of course, some stations encode useless junk into their RDS streams, but others are pretty good about naming the track currently playing. It baffles me that this gizmo doesn't tap that data stream to tag the tracks it records.

    I, too, would like a "remove the top 40 and save #41-200" option.

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