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The successor to the S710, the S730 is a dull but hard-working member of the HTC clan. It's neither quite so ubiquitous as its big brother the TyTn II nor quite as fashionable as its sisters Touch, Dual and Cruise. In appearance, the S730 is a pretty run-of-the-mill smartphone, with its traditional keyboard layout; 2.4in, 320 …


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  1. Tim Cook

    So the obvious question

    Does it have video drivers? Have they elected to cripple this model in their usual way? Perhaps they've supplied a microphone, but no wires to connect it, something of that sort? Have they released a statement confirming that future models will include the facility of "speech", but they believe the overall quality of the S730 somehow compensates for the broken features therein. That's the particular shaft that the owners of most of their other recent models have received.

    HTC, thou name is mud.

  2. TeeCee Gold badge

    Weather auto update?

    Er, my Touch has this. Tap on the city, this takes you to the list of cities. Tap on "menu", bottom right, and "weather options". There's yer automatic update settings.

    So it's there on the Touch and probably the Dual too. Maybe you just didn't find it?

  3. An Unwashed Mass

    USB -> 3.5mm adapter

    I'm sure no-one here would pay for an own-brand adapter so I thought I'd link to the one I bought for a wee bit cheaper

  4. Fred


    USB to 3.5mm Adaptor? I find my Sony Ericsson stereo bluetooth headphones work really well over A2DP.

    Video drivers - same issue as the TyTnII.

  5. Neil Alexander
    Dead Vulture

    What the HELL.

    "The only niggle is the main menu area: to move to the next 'page' of icons you have to hit the More soft-menu key, but to move back you have to hit the Back key. Why in the name of all that is holy can you not just scroll up and down through the entire list?"

    Uh, you can. Press the up and down buttons on the D-pad. No softkeys involved.

  6. Al Taylor

    Re. What the hell

    On our review handset, once you are in the main Start menu, the D-pad will only allow you to cycle around the 9 icons on that page. The only way to get to the next page is to hit 'More'.

    TeeCee - thanks for that, couldn't see for looking!

  7. Neil Alexander

    Re: Re. What the hell

    "On our review handset, once you are in the main Start menu, the D-pad will only allow you to cycle around the 9 icons on that page. The only way to get to the next page is to hit 'More'."

    On mine, pressing down on the D-pad when focused on the bottom row of icons scrolls down by bringing the next row of icons onto the screen. Different software version, maybe, some bug or something I don't know. I've never seen a Windows Mobile 6 smartphone that doesn't let you scroll down with the down key, though.

  8. DrewHew
    Thumb Up

    Skype works fine...

    ...for me!

    I usually close all other running apps when I'm about to launch Skype, but I'm also sure I've had it running with another programme or two open.

    I also got my headset bundled with the package. And yep, I had to revert to the default winmobile screen for the shortcuts as well :)

    I do love the phone, though - it ain't pretty, hangs from time to time (which I absolutely hate in a phone!!) but it gets the job done.

  9. Jack Garnham
    Thumb Up

    "More" menu icons.

    Settings > Homescreen > Uncheck "Display most recent programs" (or something similar) removes this annoying feature and returns it to good ol' fashioned scrolly menu navigation.

    Or at least that's how it is in Windows Mobile 6.1, for the exact same feature.

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