back to article Guitar Hero III goes mobile

Rock music has several different forms, such as punk rock, hard rock or god rock. But now mobile rock has been added to that list, now that one developer has ported Guitar Hero III to a range of phones. The mobile version of the hugely popular virtual guitar game, which turns talentless rockstar hopefuls into instant Alice …


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  2. M Brown


    Only marketed towards Americans then huh? Only a couple of uk mobile "carriers" listed on the site.

  3. Secretgeek


    So now loud tinny crap rock can join the cacophony of loud tinny crap hip hop and dance toons that I'm subjected to every time I use pbulic transport.


    Thanks for that.

  4. dervheid
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    you don't like Alice Cooper?

    I don't suppose he's a big fan of yours either!

    Back on track, have they maybe finally exhausted the franchise yet, what with "GH on Tour" for the NDS, with the plug-in button box.

    Mobile = calls + email, maybe music. That's IT!

  5. Graham Bartlett

    Very like Alice Cooper

    Alice Cooper doesn't play guitar. He cops a great attitude, but doesn't play a musical instrument. In that sense, Guitar Hero players are *exactly* like Alice Cooper.

    Why in the name of all that's holy would people want this game anyway? You can get a cheap electric guitar and amp for under £100, and then you can actually make music and play properly! Guitar Hero is to music what a 5-year-old's scooter is to a Harley Davidson. And that comparison is probably unfair on the scooter.

  6. Bill Fresher


    They've got Santana in the track list... CLASS!!

  7. Iain

    3 buttons?

    Even the easy modes on Guitar Hero 3 involve 4 buttons now. How are they going to port hard/expert stuff over?

    Or are they just trying to allow for how terrible mobile phone keypads are?

    Mind you, Harmonix's Frequency was hard enough with three buttons.

  8. 4a$$Monkey
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    Guitar Hero is only fun if you have...

    The guitar controller + mates + beer

    Playing on your own is just sad

  9. Anonymous Coward

    of all the people..

    you could have picked, zappa, hendrix, jim root, yngwie malmsteen..

    didn't think alice cooper was particularly famous for his guitar playing.. more famous for singing and trying to hang himself in front of mary whitehouse

    mines the leather with the the Welcome To My Nightmare patch on the back

  10. M Brown

    Re: 3 Buttons?

    Actually Guitar Hero 3 on easy involve just the 3 buttons

  11. Anonymous Coward

    @Graham Bartlett

    Why people want this game????

    Why do people play any video game?

    I was going to write a lengthy response on how stupid your comment was but it would be a waste of time.

  12. Simon Ward

    Re: 3 buttons?

    "Even the easy modes on Guitar Hero 3 involve 4 buttons now."

    Ideal for bassists then :-)

    (yes, I am one, but I generally play a 6-string)

  13. Andy Bright

    Wot no air guitar?

    Then what's the point? Surely the idea is to fantasize being a great guitar player, and without the minimum requirement of a tennis racket, 'plastic axe' or even thin air - how on earth can you act out your Angus fantasies?

    Penguin, because while not being Linux, this game sounds at least as dull and pointless..

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    mobile phone guitar

    if only they had this: :)

  15. Josh

    Them's fightin' words

    "Penguin, because while not being Linux, this game sounds at least as dull and pointless.."

    At least Linux doesn't involve major RAM requirements that turns a perfectly good computer into a perfectly good paperweight.

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