back to article Nintendo preparing DS Lite update, pundit claims

Nintendo's DS Lite handheld console is ready for replacement by a third-generation model, a Japanese games industry exec has claimed. Hirokazu Hamamura, president of games-magazine publisher Enterbrain, last week forecast that Nintendo will announce an updated DS at this year’s E3 gaming conference, which takes place in July …


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  1. Joe K

    A bit ridiculous....

    .....seeing as everyone in Japan surely has at least 3 DS's per person by now, so why worry about slowing sales.

    Still, i'm sure the new model will sell like hot cakes all over again, those wacky japs.

    Ninty should be careful though, mucking about with too much hardware and confusing the consumer is what killed off Sega.

  2. Shades
    Paris Hilton


    ...another comments page just asking to be filled with and ruined by the rantings of the Sony fanboys! Come on Reg... Were the sales figures entirely necessary?

    Paris because she has lots of fanboys too!

  3. brimful

    I hope

    the new DS will have an anlogue controller as opposed to the digital one currently used on the DS. Actually make that 2 analogue controllers so I can play geometry wars.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - I'll give my left toe nail please - let there be 2 analogue controllers so that geometry wars can be played without issues.

    EL reg: where do I post said toe nail if they do release it with 2 analogue controllers?

    Penguin cos they don't have toe nails.

  4. Lloyd

    Utterly irrelevant

    But I watched Dr Who via iplayer on my wii on Saturday night (I was a tad drunk) and it wasn't too bad at all (mind you, having a story that wasn't written by Russell T Davies probably helped a lot).

  5. Mark
    Gates Horns


    Why not post the sales figures. When the DS was outselling the PSP, Nintendo fanboys were shouting them from the rooftops, so loud, even Mario and Luigi would be embarassed.. IS it the case that now the roles have been reversed sales figures have to be brushed under the carpet, as they are no longer relevant?

  6. Kenny Millar

    Its the revolution

    It'll be 3d motion based (Like the wii controller) and be called the revolution.

  7. Mike Dyne


    Wishful thinking there mate. Although I would love that too!

  8. Giles Jones Gold badge

    Known about for ages

    Nintendo were quoted as saying ages ago that they would introduce an even smaller DS once sales declined enough.

  9. Jach

    Uh oh..

    I still have the original DS. I hope the new games for the new hardware will still be backwards compatible.

  10. Chris


    It will have exactly the same controls and games as the DS and the Lite. It's (if it even exists) just a redesign of the look of the thing.

    All I'd be hoping is that the sound can go up a bit louder, everything else already works very well. As for making it smallerm, I think the Lite's already a pretty good size. Any smaller might make it a bit fiddly.

  11. Paul McGarry

    Gimme gimme

    Backwards compatible with previous DS but ditching the Gameboy slot.

    Widescreen up top (with touch).

    WPA wireless

    Tilt sensors in top and bottom half.

    More internal memory.

    Micro SD slot?

  12. Anonymous Coward


    On the sales figures, it's all still irrelevant anyway. The Nintendo fanboys are still singing the praises of Nintendo's sales figures. Think about how long its taken for the PSP to take any sort of handheld ground.

    The DS is being outsold in Japan by a significant margin, and that is only a good thing for all parties. It will encourage Nintendo to do something about it, more quality titles or yes indeed another model to increase sales!

    Do we dare pull out the lifetime sales figures to wipe off the Sony fanboy smirk?

    Oh and don't ditch the Gameboy slot on the DS, just give us an internal browser and I like the idea of a channels menu too!

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