back to article Blockbuster bids for Circuit City

Struggling retail chain Blockbuster has offered more than $1bn for struggling retail chain Circuit City. The video rental outfit made the bid public today in an attempt to hurry a deal along. Blockbuster said it wrote to the Circuit City board on 17 February, but has not received the information it requested: "Unfortunately, …


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  1. Ash

    Blockbuster the rental chain?

    They shot themselves in the foot in the UK when they cut the rental of new releases to ONE night from two, and put the price UP to just under £4.00.

    Oh, and by stocking crap, but it's hardly their fault.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    It goes like this

    1. Struggle

    2. Buy struggling business

    3. ???

    4. Profit

  3. Mike Groombridge

    they have been watching there video's to much

    particular the feel good movies you know a loser gets with more losers and some how they win the championship, and generally succede where alone there failed

    but in the real world failing company buys failing company doen't inspire each other to make money. it costs jobs as they cut costs then when the company falls apart there sell bits of the company off cheap.

    i blame hollywood cause most films are crap at the moment and those that are good i buy on dvd. it costs me more in man hours (looking for a freetard site that still running and has a decent quality version) than it does to buy the dvd

  4. Old Geezer
    Paris Hilton

    re: It goes like this

    Perhaps something more like..

    1. Struggle

    2. Buy Struggling business

    3. Asset Strip

    4. Cream off generous director's bonuses

    5. Liquidate

    (Paris, because she heard the word "strip")

  5. Ken Jongsma

    Divx Redux

    Anyone remember Divx? Not the codec - the infamous, time limited DVD that CC tried to market? I'm sure BB wants to resurrect that...

  6. Jason Clery


    as any fule kno


    1) Collect underpants

    2) ?

    3) Profit

  7. Tom

    @ Mike

    The what with the where now?

  8. Jesse

    What a beautiful match

    Ballbuster Video + Circuit Shitty.

  9. Bobby Blakk

    double_losers 2.0

    ye olden timers last gasp!

  10. Sooty

    can't imagine where blockbuster went wrong

    rent a dvd for 1-2 nights £4

    buy a dvd permanently from £4.99

    i really can't understand why they're failing!

  11. Will

    Circuit Buster

    Mines the one with the circuit traces on it....

  12. kain preacher Silver badge

    @By Sooty

    netflix is killing them.

  13. Alan Donaly
    Paris Hilton

    Oh boy that'll M&A history

    Put two together to make one good one I am pretty sure it doesn't work, but hey it will make the bankruptcy proceedings more efficient. BB is dead in the water due to competition. Circuit City is lost because they fired all the experienced sales staff and now they beat Best Buy in the "we have no idea what we're selling does, or if it's what you're looking for" department. What can it hurt.

    Paris because she knows all about regret and doomed mergers.

  14. skeptical i
    Thumb Up

    cue: "Sidewalk Sale"

    by Pansy Division:

    "Don't want to go home alone/

    But how low will you go?/

    The cream is gone, the dregs prevail/

    Tough choices at the sidewalk sale"

  15. David Stever

    Really nice Bankruptcy Sale

    Well, the good news here is that when they go titsup, that the bargains will be really nice. Imagine being able to pick quite a few disks (music and movies), and a couple of devices to play them on as well. I like that in a sale.

    Locally, I'm looking forward to the sale later this summer of the snazzy Northwest Airlines stuff as they strip the gear out of the planes before repainting them in Delta colors. It's been too many years since I bought things when Republic Airlines went under (who can forget their 'double duck fuck' logo?).

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