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If you still haven’t made the switch from VHS to DVD, then chances are you’re not up to speed on Blu-ray either. But research has found that over half of UK film fans are at least aware of the HD format. The study was conducted by research firm Interpret and questioned people aged between 18 and 54. Although the study was done …


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  1. Dr Patrick J R Harkin

    I wish I had enough spare money... release a zombie movie tomorrow on HD-DVD only.

    Actually, I could probably get Arts Council funding...

  2. Phil Irwin


    Price....the single biggest thing that will stall Blu-Ray's adoption into the mainstream.

    Not everyone can see the difference between normal DVD and Blu-Ray, so why would that group spend up to 50% more for the same movie on Blu-Ray over DVD?

    Especially when upscaling is taken into account.

    When the price of discs start dropping, I think we'll see more uptake.

  3. Iain

    "Freeview branded hardware"

    That stat of 3.8m units includes all the set top boxes for existing standard-def tellies, though, so Camp Blu can't really take it as an indication of HDTV sales.

    I'd like a Blu-ray player, because sooner or later I'm going to run out of films to watch on my HD-DVD box. But most people I know who aren't fellow film geeks, including several with HDTVs already, can't see the point in anything better than DVD.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    of course we're not buying!!

    So far I've got over 300 DVDs and am still buying my old faves. I'm certinaly not going to ditch that and start replacing them with DRM'd bluray. Also I've got a near £1000 cinema syatem and I'm not going to be ditching that anytime soon either.

    I think i'll skip bluray and wait for the next format or wati until my current system dies, whichever comes sooner. Which i guess is waht many people are goign to be doing.

  5. Albert

    @AC - ditch DVD

    I find this a strange statement that keeps being made.

    Nobody is being asked to ditch their DVDs (well maybe implied) as all HD players will play DVD and most will do a mighty fine job of upscaling them to HD.

    Also, just plug the Blu Ray player in to your home cinema system. Nothing is replaced, jusy enhanced.

    My personal position is. I don't have a HD TV, so no need for HD player. Will be buying a HD TV within the next 6 months and will probably get a PS3 as a HD movie player, media server/client and game system. No urgent need, probably like everybody else.

  6. PIB

    @Phil Irwin

    "Not everyone can see the difference between normal DVD and Blu-Ray,..."

    Why do people keep spouting this nonsense?

    Short of being totally blind, those who've seen both formats, will wonder if you've ever actually seen the HD format in action.

    I swear that some people who post here just concoct 'facts' as they're needed.

  7. Tony Paulazzo

    Here in the UK

    <"Not everyone can see the difference between normal DVD and Blu-Ray,..."

    Why do people keep spouting this nonsense?>

    Well, my HDTV is only 720p 1080i, and I won't be upgrading for a long time (my last telly (28in widescreen) lasted me some 6 years (gave it to my brother as it's still good but I have to keep my geek alive).

    Yeah, HD is better, 'Serenity' looks glorious, 'The Thing' reminds me of watching it in the cinema all those years ago, but in all honesty, 'Lord of the Rings' and 'King Kong' DVD look fan-bloody-tastic on my new TV. The difference between the two isn't THAT staggering.

    Now if it had been HD3D (high definition in 3 dimensions and 7.1 Dolby surround sound), that would probably have rocked the marketplace...

    I heart HDTV.

  8. Mark

    @Phil Irwin

    "Not everyone can see the difference between normal DVD and Blu-Ray,..."

    You must have a REALLY crappy television if you cannot see the difference. Did you buy your television from Morrisons, Asda, Lidl or Aldi by any chance?

  9. Scott Mckenzie


    Sadly a lot of people *did* buy their TV for £200 from somewhere crappy... though generally they still display a pretty good HD picture.

    BR will get popular when it's cheaper on the street... at the moment you can buy online for 30-40% less than the high street, that will come in time i'm sure, but mass adoption is a while away. I'm personally happy buying up HD DVD's for £5 a time!

  10. Iain


    Where are you finding the £5 HD DVDs? The best I've found so far is's 3 for £20 offer. Although, having just found Pan's Labyrinth in HMV for £10, I've got most of the UK discs I'm particularly after, apart from the really recent releases that aren't reduced at all yet.

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