back to article Blu-ray drive in development for Xbox 360

Microsoft’s Xbox division has already denied it’s talking to Sony about Blu-ray, but that hasn’t stopped the rumours. It’s now claimed that Taiwanese outfit Lite-On IT is developing a Blu-ray drive for the console. According to a DigiTimes report, unnamed industry sources have claimed that Lite-On is developing a built-in Blu- …


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  1. Phil Irwin
    Gates Horns

    The taste of sweet sweet humble pie!

    What a joy (from the point of view of someone who went the PS3 and Blu-ray path) to see MS come crawling (alledgedly) to Blu-ray now their gamble went pear shaped!

    It really really must be stinging!

  2. Anonymous Coward


    Don't see too much of the humble pie really! If they had released the Xbox360 with an internal HD-DVD drive then yeah, but at least the consumer actually had a choice.

    Now what would you have said if Blu-Ray was the failure??

    Flame cos, that's all i'm doing really! Sorry...

  3. Mark
    Paris Hilton

    Xbox360 is PS3 Wannabe..

    By the time the Xbox360 Blu-ray addon arrives, the console will be on the verge of being obsolete, the damage has already been done, with the outragous failure rates, and choping and changing of Microsoft's vision, optional hard drives, chargable, laggy and unreliable online service, and advert splattered blades.

    The funniest thing, Blu-ray can never be used for gaming on the 360, without crapping on 17million existing owners. Microsoft are stuck between a rock, a hard place, and a failed HD DUD drive. The addon will always be that, an addon, bolted to the side, possibly sat ontop of the obsolete HD DVD bolt-on, connected via USB and noisier than a jet taking off in your living room.

    At least the 360 can be used for digital downloads... Oh hang on, scrub that, many of them don't have hard drives...

    You really couldn't make it up, how many bad decisions Microsoft made with the Xbox this generation...

    Paris, because even a dumb dimwitted blonde can see that Microsoft has been badly caught offguard...

  4. Jake Stow

    Of course...

    the Xbox owners have the fact that virtually every game to be released on both consoles so far is superior on their system to cheer them up.

    If I was in the market for a console (which, as a PC gamer I'm not) I'd go for the 360 personally.

  5. Blaine Oliver

    April 1st?

    Dont you think that maybe this is an april fools?

  6. Brian

    to Mark...

    The xbox is already 2 years old.. it sounds like the bluray version would be the next version.

    And all the other stuff you mentioned... I don't know anybody with an xbox without an hdd. There was some slow downs with the online service, but that was right after christmas.. all good now. And the jet engine comment, if you stick the thing in an area with no air circulation of course it will get loud. I guess the quiet consoles would just shut down from thermal protection?!

    Lastly, I would prefer to be able to add things on to my system instead of it being all built in. It makes my console less likely to become obsolete. It must suck to own a console that still can't do half of what a two year old console can do. :)

  7. Mark
    Dead Vulture


    It must suck to own a 2 year old console, creaking with obsolescence, that can't do things a 12 month old console can...

    Blu-ray, GT5:P, the numerous PS3 exclusives, and the superior 2008 exclusives..

    It must really suck to be a 360 owner right now, finding out you backed the wrong horse, the same day it catches fire, burns your house down, and kills your pet parrot...

  8. Monkey


    ...It only took three posts to get TOTALLY off the point of the article and degenerate into a "my console is better than your console" bollock fest.

    If you can't afford to buy both consoles, go away and do something about it. Stop the bitching and moaning at one another in here, shut up and just carry on with your colouring books will you.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    You are joking ..

    So Xbox is dead .. HHmm So why were people trading in PS3's at my local Gamestation store and buying Xbox 360's .. Wht are here always more second hand PS3's for sale than Xbox

    Exclusives - try Halo .., Online gaming via Live, new chips systems are quieter and cooler - no red circles of death..

    and I don't know anyone without a hard disk or wireless network adaptor.

    And it hooks into my PC network as a media extender ...

    PS3 - overpriced and too late to market.

    Wii - totally differnet emphasis - more family games console than hard core gaming

    But at the end of the day - get whatever you like - as long as you are happy with it - who cares ....

  10. Dr Patrick J R Harkin

    I still gotta a PS2 and non-360 Xbox

    So yar boo sucks to the lot of you!

  11. Monkey

    @AC (the last one)

    That closing sentence doesn't get you off the hook. You still made a "my console is better that yours" bullshit statement. Grow up.

    See previous post about colouring books.

  12. Steve Rowsell

    @Phil Irwin

    When the 1st comment is about Microsoft and humble pie, (and then is echoed several times within the first 10 comments), you've really got to wonder why these PS3 fanboys are so intent on flaming the 360. Could it be they still feel their machine of choice is threatened?

    I fully realise that someone has made comments about crayons and childishness, but in the very best tradition of being childish, I'm going to say: 'But they started it!'.

    Also, if you're bored of reading comments of this nature, don't read them. The information you're likely to be after will be in the main article, meaning that there is no actual need to read the comments.

    Anyway - to continue...I'm not going to let Sony fanboys take over this thread with their usual 'ooh, red ring of death, ooh the console is sometimes quite loud, ooh HD-DVD is dead'. Well done numbskulls, we all know about these things, and we know that:

    - Microsoft extended the warranty and that newer machines have a lesser chance of experiencing this problem

    - Yes the console is noisy - no arguments there. But I can live with it.

    - Yes, HD-DVD is dead. But I don't have a HD-DVD drive; I've no interest in having one. I have no interest in Blu-Ray either. I'm not in the habit of buying GAMES CONSOLES to play movies on. I buy dedicated equipment for that.

    Sure, the 360 has had its problems, but then again, as someone else has mentioned, its a perfect console for someone who doesn't want/can't afford to spend several hundred pounds all at once, but instead wants to steadily add hardware to it. Also in its favour is the fact that it has a huge catalogue of superior games and a decent online gaming service.

    Meanwhile, the PS3 has just received the much-vaunted GT5 Prologue to a chorus of yawns and general apathy. For one of the PS3's long awaited 'must have' games, (that hardware packs are being released around, no less), that must be more than a little disappointing.

    From the reviews I have read, (both professional and gamers' own posted reviews), the game is basically a shinier, cut-down version of its predecessors with the same lack of damage modelling and poor AI. Oh yeah, and when it was released, the multiplayer was apparently totally broken.

    Angry PS3 owners will now be lining up to blurt such comments as 'but this is only a taste of the full game', 'you wait until the full version comes out'.

    To which I reply, 'so you're having to pay £25 for a demo then?. If it has taken this long to release a demo, how long is it going to be before you get the full game?'. Maybe Microsoft will be on Xbox 720 by then, with Forza 3 or Project Gotham 5...

    Bottom line is that if the Xbox 360 is as poor a machine as PS3 owners are constantly trying to make out, they wouldn't be flaming it at every opportunity. I'd say that criticism is the most sincere form of envy in this case.

  13. Monkey

    Face it...

    ...the only reason we read the comments, let ourselves got roped into the spats and post comments one after another is because we are all equally as bored at work as one another! I'm NOOOOO different!

    Crayons comments were a little tongue in cheek by the way.

    What the line of childish PS3 owners fail to remember (or realise?), is that the console was later to launch than the 360 and as such Sony had chance to learn from MS's mistakes. As well as include features not available or viable to the 360 at the time.

    Just as the line of original Xbox owners having a go at the PS2 didn't remember when MS had the chance with the original Xbox to learn from Sony's mistakes with the PS2, unavailable features etc.

    Any console coming so much later than another is going to have better features. Or at least be more refined in many ways. It's like any technology product. It just pisses me off when people start sticking the knife in without stopping to think about things like this, and the sorts of comments started here are a little childish. You have to admit that.

    I've got em’ both. In fact I have most consoles from the last 15 years, and I can't think of a single one that I didn't want to kick with frustration on one hand, but also love on the other. Where one was rubbish, wouldn't you know it, a rival one that came out later was better developed.

    It's just a fact and the PS3 and Xbox are no different. As were the spats in the Dreamcast, PS1 and N64 days.

    Now I'm going to go and get my colouring books out and keep myself occupied before my afternoon nap.

  14. alan
    Gates Horns

    "Ami bovvered Sir? - Do I look bovvered Sir?"

    I too own both and much prefer the 360. Right nowe the PS3 is lacking in seriously good games. I got the GT5 'demo' because I wanted to see what a great game it was. Oh dear. It's like every other GT game before it with shinier graphics. Deformation is STILL missing. hye promise to get it sorted for when GT5:Proper is released. Yeah right.

    If I was being brutally honest, the Wii has recently seen more action that either the 360 or PS3 in my house. It's a cracking bit of kit that is so easily accessible.

    Crayons at the ready - pass me the book after you Monkey...

    Devil Bill as MS get blamed for everything..right?

  15. Iain

    They promise to add deformation for GT5: Proper, do they?

    That's odd. They promised to add online multiplayer to GT4: Proper as well, and that didn't happen. They promised to add deformation to Prologue when GTHD didn't get it. I'm thoroughly bored of Polyphony's excuses, and so wait until we see what actually comes in the box on release day.

    But then, Sony shills' entire philosophy is based around the promise of things to come rather than actual product, so I shouldn't be surprised.

  16. soaklord

    Blu-Ray and Consoles...

    I joined the console game (pun intended) very late. As a PC gamer, I finally got sick of needing to drop Oz loads of money to have the competitive edge or to accept that I was always going to get my Oz handed to me every game.

    So when a friend gave me their old PS2, I picked up GT4 and had a blast playing split screen with a buddy in my living room. Around Christmas I decided to upgrade to a next gen console and spent FOREVER deciding what to get. I loved GT4, but PS3 still didn't have anything to compete with GT4. Let me repeat that... The next gen Playstation still didn't have ANYTHING as good as dropping in GT4 and playing a PS2 game. When I looked at all the games out there, I kept coming back to the 360. The library was impressive and I started thinking about how the PS2 dominated its market by having more games, not better technology, not better anything but selection. So, I went with selection and bought a 360.

    My 360 is noisy. I refuse to pay $100 for a wireless adapter, so am figuring out how to set up my own wireless bridge from living room to router by flashing the firmware on a wrt54gl. And when I am done, I will have a router that I can plug 4 devices in to and access wirelessly for $20 cheaper than the adapter. And... I prefer the controller to the PS2/3 controllers. Bioshock is stunning, HALO3 was fun for as long as it took to beat. Mass Effect is by far the best single player game I have played since ZORK. PGR 4 is even more fun than GT4 was. And Forza 2 is the technical side of the GT series when you want realism, but it also has damage modeling. Madden still pisses me off no matter which console I play it on... But that's because I suck at it on every console I've played it on, including the PC. =)

    Which is better? Umm... the console that plays the games you most want to play. Sonic the hedghog is graphically beautiful, but I still would rather play Tecmobowl!

    Which is the better entertainment center? Probably the PS3. Who knows, I may pick one up so that I can have a Blu-Ray player. It would be strange... I haven't played a single DVD on my xbox and have players for all of my media that I would rather use, but who knows... If M$ offers an add on, I'll probably just buy that if it's cheaper. If $ony actually allows manufacturers to offer a player at a price that is cheaper than their whole game system, then I will just get a player and be done with it.

    Mine's the one at the back with blow me and an NES cartridge printed on it.

  17. Mark

    re: You are joking ..

    Every single line of your comment is flawed.

    My local paper is full of used 360's for sale, from owners lucky enough to still have a working one. It's very rare to find a PS3 for sale.

    Try buying a 60GB PS3, it's rarer than hens teeth. Even the 40GB units are hot property and outselling the recently reduced and cheaper Xbox360..

    Finally, my PS3 hooks up just fine as a media centre entender. infact it's better implemented than the 360's, as not only does it work with Windows Media Player, it works with ANY DLNA complaint server.

  18. Ben Bufton


    They're both cool... have fun!

  19. Monkey

    I wasn't aware....

    ...DLNA was complaining.

    Damn those colouring books distracting me all the while!

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    As an avid gamer

    And I mean a seriously avid gamer, I went with xbox360.

    Over the years I've owned C64, Master System, Mega Drive, Game Gear, NES, SNES, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, PS1, PS2, PSP, xBox, xBox 360.

    Bluray appears to be adding nothing to the PS3 in gaming terms, maybe it will in the future but up until that point, who cares?

    As soaklord so rightly puts it, the best console is the one with the games you want to play on it, PS3 misses the mark by a long shot.

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