back to article Camera gets camcorder, MP3 player features and more

Carrying a number of devices will stretch your pockets, so manufacturers have begun incorporating devices into single gadgets. Korean firm Digix is the latest and has created the multi-function Picto DigiArt i90. Picto_DigiArt_i90_2 Digix's i90: camera, camcorder, MP3 player and a dictaphone The i90 is mainly sports a …


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  1. Blaine Oliver
    IT Angle


    Surprising how similar this camera is to the NV3 by samsung...

  2. Sander Rekveld


    Samsung's NV3 might be similar. The Minox (DC 7411) and Aigo (DC-V790) are the same as I could confirm at last weeks' CeBIT 2008.

  3. Myself

    Been done at least six years ago.

    Six or seven years ago, I bought a Samsung cheapie digicam (the "Digimax 35") with mp3 player functionality. It sucked, and the proprietary headphone jack was infuriating, but the concept was there. Nothing new here.

    I've been using my Canon Powershot S2's audio recording feature, which is stereo no less, quite a bit lately. Again, nothing new. Heck, with CHDK firmware it gains text file reading functionality, too. Will the CHDK folks add mp3? I'd laugh... but I wouldn't be surprised.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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