back to article US, UK and friends have cyber-war party

Business and government leaders from the US, UK and three other countries will spend much of this week simulating and defending against a large-scale cyber attack in an exercise designed to strengthen coordinated responses to what many perceive as a growing threat. Participants of Cyber Storm II, which also include about 40 …


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  1. Pierre Silver badge

    Bets are open

    I can hear the word "infortunate" from here... How many thousands of private and corporate websites will be wiped in the process? Fear the cyber-collateral damages! Shut all your servers down, unplug them, pile the sandbags!

  2. tim

    And after all this practice

    So after they have protected us from all the cyber crime a terrorist (or ignorant farmer, as the case will probably more likely be) with a day-hire ditch digger can go out and utterly sever one or two key positioned underground cables and take out the high speed secure communications backbone of a country, probably doing far more damage than runaway DDOS zombies.

  3. Damian Gabriel Moran

    don't worry...

    Phorm will save us!

  4. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    Silly boy


    They knew that, and you knew that.

    Now they know that you know it.

    Best start packing now!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Announce your intentions to the world...

    I think we're witnessing the decline of western civilization...

  6. Dave Bell

    They're so behind the times.

    This is inevitably going to suffer from the fighting-the-last-war problem.

    What will they do when the Orcs turn up with a hired Dragon to rob the bank?

    (Mine's the.Landmate...)

  7. R Callan


    Why are the Kiwis involved? The yanks unilaterally broke all of the defense agreements when we objected to their carriage and possession of nuclear weaponry, without our knowledge, in our country.

    C'mon Kiwis, join in and try to stuff up all of the Yanks servers.

  8. heystoopid
    Paris Hilton


    Actually the boys playing with their shiny toys in Pakistan , have amply demonstrated what a phone company and state internet provider can do , in one weekend not all that long ago as both Google and Youtube can attest about the efficacy of how quickly a dead end link can rapidly multiply outside the country of origin like a mutating virus like bird flu and needed the old direct DNS numbers to bypass the problem !

    Some people have more brains then others or either a very short gold fish like memory retention time span !

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Red Dawn well as all these fine anglo-saxon based cutures carrying on with their mutal back slapping - all they are really proving is they can defend each other based upon there predeterimend, presupposed collabrations and threat assessments... wont the new reds on the net continuting to hack away as they have been doing for the last x years? - even funnier if they spoof themselves off as one of the "official" partcipants. - after all no one expected pearl harbour (yes, before it starts i know that was japanese not chines - but it illustrates different mind sets)

    raid on entebbe any one?

    i can see it know.... "Hust0n-r4n93r" turn out to me Private Yip of the PLA.... i bet they would have a cooler names the cybe storm or iTAC-command. the PLA will have something liek brotherhood or the ether or the counter CSII exercise being "the breath of the dragon" or "silver mist"

  10. TrishaD

    Whats all the fuss about?

    I cant think of a single organisation that has links to the internet that shouldnt have an incident response process that's tested on a regular basis.

    So what's different here?

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    "Do You Want To Play A Game?"

    This is eerily familiar...

  12. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Tic Tac Tao

    ""Do You Want To Play A Game?" ...By Anonymous Coward Posted Tuesday 11th March 2008 09:07 GMT Black Helicopters

    How about Greater Games? This is eerily familiar/similar...and QuITe Different ....... for AIReal Change.

    NeuReal Reformations ...... Another Bite at the Cherry Apple.

    By amanfromMars

    Posted Tuesday 11th March 2008 09:57 GMT

    "Alien 'cos they're probably pissing themselves laughing if they're watching." ... By Anonymous Coward Posted Tuesday 11th March 2008 09:24 GMT

    I imagine you are not wrong, AC. :-) Perhaps they'll Give US a little Push in A.N.Other DirectAXXXXIOn.

    And the alien because there's an XXXXPlanaNation for all of this ... a Simulated Cyber Assault on Systems of InfraStructure Control.

  13. Paul Charters

    Perhaps a little extreme...

    ...after all, in the UK all someone needs to do to get hold of data is to put it into the hands of a government employee.

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  15. Troy Shanahan

    Cyber Storm II?

    Wait, wasn't there a REALLLY old game by Sierra called CyberStorm 2?

    *Checks CD rack*

    Indeed there is! Quick! Hide! The largest companies on earth have developed giant death walkers and will begin a war over earth's remaining resources. (No, I'm not being incoherent. Look up CS II's plotline.)

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