back to article White PS3 rumours hot up

Queues may start forming outside US Circuit City stores by the end of this story, because fresh rumours indicate that 'ceramic white' PlayStation 3s are winging their way to the electronics giant’s stores. White_PS3 According to unnamed sources at CC, cited by website Kotaku, employees have been taking in stock of a new …


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  1. Tim Bates
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    Wow! White! Can I ask what the hell would anyone care for?

    Same hardware, different colour box. Whooptido!

    I have a spray can here that will make a black Playstation into a white one in less than half a day.

  2. Steve Barnes

    bloody hell

    "Same hardware, different colour box. Whooptido!"

    Bloody hell, choice isn't a bad thing! If someone hasn't bought a PS3 yet, and they want to they may think "Hmm, actually a white one might go better with my set-up than a black one."

    Anything PS3 related = an infuriating reason to bitch apparantly

  3. Iain

    I'd like a white one, yes

    I just think it will go with the white 360 and Wii better than a black one. The only black bits left in my setup apart from the screen itself are my old amp and laserdisc player.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Ideal for slobs... it won't show up the dust as bad as a black one.

  5. M Brown


    White gadgetry has always looked cheap to me. I will always chose the black option whenever I can. But I couldn't force myself to shell out all that extra for the black 360

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